Your Guide to Fashion-Forward Formal Footwear

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Fashion-Forward Formal Footwear

Choosing a dress for a formal event can be a hard enough task. Not to mention finding the right kind of footwear and accessories to complete the outfit. However, we’re here to help make the experience a little easier and more enjoyable.

Finding the right look for any event should be enjoyable and stress-free. Be it prom, a wedding or anything else, selecting the right shoes for the occasion is important. You’ll want to look at the length and style of dress you’re wearing, as well as considering your own comfort.

We’re looking at fashion-forward footwear options that tick all the boxes. They’re stylish, will fit the dress code for numerous events and look elegant too. We have selected a range of footwear from mid to high heel.

You’ll be able to find a style that you’ll feel confident in and can then dance the night away.

Formal Footwear Tips & Tricks

If your shoes needs breaking in, wear them around the house until they mold to your foot. This way you’ll avoid the inevitable pain during your special occasion. Pack two band-aids in your clutch as a quick-fix in case.

If you’re short/petite, stay away from gladiator sandals or shoes that tie or wrap above the ankle. This style has a shortening effect. Instead opt for an open stiletto.

If you’re tall and going to be wearing a long gown, you can choose flat shoes or sandals as they won’t be on display. You can also up the drama in sky-high heels to create a towering stature.

If you’re not confident in heels, opt instead for a wedge or block heel. These offer more stability and will be easier to wear for long periods.

Having doubts about color coordination? Simple choose footwear in a neutral shade – black, white, nude, grey, metallic, beige, mauve and blush. These shades are all quite simple to team up with different colors.



Formal Footwear #1: ‘Barely There’ Heels

Look to any red carpet right now and you’ll see everyone wearing these. They’re a very obvious celebrity favorite and for good reason. ‘Barely there’ heels are all about elegant minimalism.

Always in a neutral shade or even made from transparent material, these shoes are so simple. ‘Barely there’ styles always have thin narrow straps and a skinny heel, most often in a flesh tone. Almost blending into your foot, these shoes will go with any dress you pair them up with.

This glam shoe is currently trending in the fashion world. Kim Kardashian is rarely seen stepping out without hers. The refined design means these will always look timeless and are a wardrobe staple too. You’ll be able to wear them again on any night out.
Choose a pair of these that matches your skin tone. They’ll create a gorgeous elongating effect. This means your legs look longer in an instant as an added bonus.


Formal Footwear #2: The Midi Block Ballet Heel

If you’re not so comfortable in heels or simply hate wearing them, these midi ballet heels are for you. They are the best way to look formal while wearing a lower footwear style. The midi heel will still give you a little height boost.However, it’s low enough to barely feel and will be easy to wear all day. A pair in a neutral color make matching your shoes to your dress a breeze. A suede finish looks more luxurious and formal.

You can always style this in casual looks after your event. They look great with skinny jeans such as high-waisted denim. Opt for a suede finish to channel a romantic vintage-inspired vibe. Team with a coordinating suede clutch to complete your formal outfit.


Formal Footwear #3: The New Gladiator Heel

Gladiator heels have been en vogue for countless seasons. Constantly getting revamped, this currently on-trend lace-up style is perfect for formal occasions. Delicate and sophisticated, this corset-inspired shoe is effortless to wear with any dress.

Making a glam style statement, this fashionable footwear will look gorgeous with a short dress or longer gown. Choose a pair with soft ribboning. Lace these up with a pretty bow behind your ankle.

If you’re worried about wobbling around and want to be comfortable, you can choose a style with a block heel for extra security. If you’re confident in heels, opt for a pair with a narrow heel to add to the drama. Select a nude or beige suede pair for easy coordination.

Add chandelier earrings and a classic bun to complete your outfit with classic formal styling.

Formal Footwear #4: The V-Cut Heel

This is inspired by vintage footwear but given a modern twist. The high v-cut style first originated on the catwalk. However, you’ll now be able to find them in any high street store as the trend has taken off.

These are a great option if you love vintage or want to add a quirky twist to your outfit. These will team up with pleated dresses and vintage-inspired a-line styles the best. The pointed toe is very trend-driven.

These statement shoes will look beautiful paired with bare legs if you’re wearing a mid length dress. Play up the vintage aspect by adding a beaded retro clutch and wear curls in your hair. You can experiment with a unique color choice such as the pair pictured (a striking blue shade), or simply go neutral.

With a chunky mid heel, these are also going to be comfortable to wear. That’s an added bonus if you expect to be on your feet all day long.

Formal Dress Inspiration


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