4 Stylish Garden Party Themes to Try This Summer

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4 Stylish Garden Party Themes

Gravitate towards the cool shade of palm trees and the lure of the pool. This summer is all about hosting epic garden parties with unique, fun-filled themes. If you’re preparing for a baby shower, bridal bash or engagement party, why not chose your own backyard as your location?

Gone are the days when plastic fold-out chairs and some bunting served as the backdrop. Garden parties are the new chic way to get creative for a low key, relaxed celebration. Our 4 original ideas will get you inspired to D.I.Y. an unforgettable event, right in your own home.

When choosing a theme, remember to suit the occasion. It doesn’t have to be entirely related – a baby shower no longer needs to be splashed with pastel pink or blue. It can be animal themed, or even inspired by exotic travel.

The same goes for an engagement or birthday party. Simply dip into your interests and make it personal. Include fun games, favorite foods and comfortable seating. Look for D.I.Y. ideas via Pinterest and make your own decor to create a customized appearance.

Your food and drink choices should reflect the theme too! Try to source unique recipes and give your guests a taste of something they wouldn’t usually try. Why not invent your own cocktail?

Think outside the box and transport your guests with your theme choices. Take them to a Mexican carnival, a rustic barn or a Parisian cafe – all within the confines of your lawn!

Ready to start planning the perfect garden party? Read on..




4 Stylish Garden Party Ideas



#1: Moroccan Medina

Pull your inspiration from the vibrant market of Marrakesh. Hues of turquoise, ruby red and light blue will set the tone. Lay a vibrant rug on your lawn, add a low wooden table and simply sprinkle embroidered pillows for guests to sit.

Add ornate lanterns with sweet-smelling candles and use bright patterned bowls to serve. Create a hangout tent by draping printed over-sized scarfs or fabric from nearby trees, and tie with string. Furnish with more pillows and add a comfortable, coordinating rug.

Serve up on-theme food and beverages. A tagine is a must – served in the correct cookware to add to the mood. Create a traditional Moroccan salad plate with many sides to choose from. Serve it all with chilled mint tea and mint-infused cocktails.

Don’t forget to create an authentic atmosphere with Moroccan music – and an evening dress code inspired by the African country. Ask your guests to wear vibrant printed cocktail dresses and beaded jewels.

#2: Rustic Bohemian

The rustic look continues to be so en vogue for parties and relaxed celebrations. It’s easy to D.I.Y. and looks simply amazing. It’s also very adaptable, meaning you can give it your own twist to match the occasion, too.

We love the idea of fusing rustic touches with a boho vibe. Set up a wooden drink bar in your garden (using old planks and crates if possible!). Hang paper lanterns from your trees and set up a buffet-style table for people to grab food.

Decorate tables with jars filled with flowers. Serve up some classic feel-good foods – s’mores, popcorn, tacos – whatever you’re excited to treat your guests to. Add a glass container filled with ice and craft beers – plus some oversized jugs of floral-topped lemonade.

Set up some fun games and activities around your garden. Choose a game that encourages guests to interact with each other! This is a great idea if everyone doesn’t know each other yet.

Get everyone to take a silly selfie wearing a selection of straw hats. Set the dress code as relaxed, opt for floaty floral dresses and white linen pieces. No heels – sandals are a must!

#3: Tropical Paradise

Colorful balloons, sun-umbrellas and floatie flamingos are a must for this theme. Put a fun-spin on a tropical paradise. Decorate your yard with bright pinks, yellows and greens!

Spray paint some pineapples gold and cut out leafy green palm tree silhouettes from green card. Use these to decorate your tables and serve up some sweet treats. Gold cupcakes, vibrant cocktails and slices of melon are a good start.

Serve up mini paper bowls of ice cream and allow your guests to enjoy some tropical-inspired foods. Fruit salads, burgers with a rainbow of toppings and other BBQ delights.

Allow your guest to unwind in the sun with loungers, low tables and relaxed seating. Set up a photo booth with on-theme cut-outs or inflatable tropical animals to pose with. Give out heart-shaped sunglasses and novelty accessories to get guests into the mood.

If you have a pool, swimwear should definitely be included in the dress-code. Otherwise encourage guests to wear tropical-inspired colors (Hawaiian shirts!). A relaxed strapless summer dress will fit the theme perfectly.

#4: The Great Gatsby Garden Party

Take the opulence of a Great Gatsby inspired theme outdoors. This roaring 20s inspired idea is currently hugely popular, and will go down a treat with guests. This is for an evening, more sophisticated event that will include a dinner and cocktails.

Opt for luxurious touches with silky table cloths, chandelier-style lighting overhead and gold vases filled with fresh white flowers. Find gold plates and cutlery to serve up your dinner with. Make sure everyone is sipping from a champagne flute!

Decorate with anything vintage – if you can source or borrow a Horn Gramophone, play your music with this authentic twist. Set up an area for people to dance, outline the dance floor with floor lanterns. Take photos of all of the attendees and have them converted to grainy black&white – you can e-mail these out after.

The dress code for this party is actually quite formal – long gowns, beaded cocktail dresses and feathered headbands are all welcomed. Ask your guests to go as glamorous and on-theme as possible – the only rule is the more sparkle, the better.


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