Top 3 Fun After-Prom Party Ideas

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Top 3 Fun After-Prom Party Ideas

The party isn’t over when the official prom wraps up – there are plenty of ways to keep the fun going and enjoy the rest of the night with your friends. There are lots of different prom afterparty ideas that you can pull together – it really depends on what you want to do, and how your friends want to continue the celebration too. From bonfires to casino themes and bowling, you can make your afterprom party as low key or as huge as you want it to be – it’s your night! Start getting the ideas and inspirations going by grabbing dinner with your friends and coming up with a list of themes and afterprom ideas.

While prom itself is quite formal and your main focus will be on picking the perfect prom dress, the great part of throwing an afterprom party is that you can choose how to spend the rest of your night. So if you and your friends have a particular interest or theme in mind, you can run with it! It’s more personal, more relaxing and it’s about enjoying those final prom moments together. To get you started, we’ve put together three really great afterprom party themes that are guaranteed to be a hit.

Idea #1: Carnival Theme

The weather will be warming Top 3 Fun After-Prom Party Ideasup around prom season – so why not take your afterprom party outside? A carnival theme with all of the usual offerings is one fun way to unwind and let your hair down. This can be as budget-friendly as you want it to be – or it can be a big blowout too!

Games & Booths

You can set up carnival games to keep attendees amused all night long. Keep it carnie-licious by including games like the Strongman, Go Fish, Knock Over the Pins, Pop the Balloons, Ring Toss and more. You have the option to rent these or get a group together and try out D.I.Y. versions of these games as part of your prom-prep.

You can even set up a Carnie Tattoo Station that’ll stamp your guests with customized metallic flash tattoos – these last just a few days and are a cute way to commemorate the special night! You can even order your own personalized designs that have a special prom message.

Carnival Rides

If you can get enough people on board for the carnival afterprom party, you could pool together to rent carnival rides and take the party to another level. If you’re organizing a major event for the post-prom celebrations, think about renting the classic carnival rides such as Tilt-a-Whirl, a Ferris Wheel, Mini Coster and everyone’s favorite – a Fun House!

Carnival Food

Go with the classic Carnie fixings – a cotton candy machine, apple fritters, corn dogs, hot dogs, french fries & mini burgers, cinnamon rolls, chocolate dipped marshmallows, churros, funnel cake and absolutely anything fried. It’s the perfect indulgence – late night fried food to keep the energy high and the party going strong.

Idea #2: Neon ’90s Theme

Top 3 Fun After-Prom Party IdeasAll things ’90s are back – so why not make your After-Prom party the ultimate ’90s throwback? Take your inspiration from the fashion, old tv shows and bands that dominated the era and put together a bash that is old school cool. Adding in some neon, this theme also celebrates all things fluorescent and glowing, so put together some accessories to hand out. You can purchase items like glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark necklaces or bracelets and anything else you can hand out that glows, shimmers and sparkles.

Attendees will need to show up wearing black and can bring along glow-in-the-dark markers. This adds a unique element to the party – you can sign each other’s shirts and arms during the night and watch each other glow. The party will need black lights to make this work, and don’t forget that the lights will need to be set up in the main room in which you’re holding the party.

Party Games

There are so many fun ’90s themed games you can play – just look back at old game shows and party trends from the era. We love the idea of putting together a laser tag set-up that can be a fun activity for attendees to take part in during the night. Another idea is to rent a bounce house that has an obstacle course portion for even more fun. Re-watch the great show ‘Double Dare’ and steal their idea of a slime chamber – with a little ingenuity, you can set up an area to slime your friends.

Disco Dance Party

Make people hit the dance-floor with some ’90s music, black lights, bubbles and more. If you’re able to, foam and neon lights/strobe lights will add to the ’90s vibes as well. You can also get your friends to play dress-up and slip into costumes of your favorite ’90s characters or end the night watching some of your favorite old shows and movies.

Idea #3: Hollywood Glam After-Party

Your prom night is all about having a Top 3 Fun After-Prom Party Ideasglamorous red carpet moment of your own – so why not throw a Hollywood themed prom after-party? There are a few directions you can take this idea. Embrace classic Hollywood and make it an elegant evening – you can project old classic movies onto the walls of your venue, set up a black & white photo-booth for attendees to have fun with, and include custom props such as ‘Prom 2k17’ that people can pose with. You can even set up a red carpet for people to walk on as they enter the party – and if you’re going all out, put timed flashing lights to make them feel like the paparazzi are snapping their pics as they walk.


Get your food ideas from the movie theater and create a gourmet popcorn dessert bar. Serve up plain popcorn, caramel corn, kettle corn and chocolate drizzle popcorn. You can D.I.Y some paper funnels for people to scoop up their popcorn and eat out of too. Other mini theater foods like little hot dogs, or pigs in a blanket, movie theater candy, soda and pretzels are great additions to keep your guests noshing throughout the night.


Have some Hollywood-themed fun with movie trivia and charades tournaments. You can also host your own ‘Year End Senior Awards Show’ (complete with your own Oscar trophies!). Hand out some awards to attendees such as ‘best dressed’, ‘best smile’, ‘most likely to be famous’, and ‘class clown.’ Encourage people to give their own funny speeches when they come to pick up their trophy.

Morning Brunch

When the morning rolls around, the perfect way to finish your theme is with a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired brunch – put together some delicious mini breakfast foods and let guests chat about the night before, serve up orange juice in champagne glasses – don’t forget to wear some pearls, or hand out faux strands to guests as the enter the brunch room.

Your Afterprom Party

The night is yours, so make it your own. Enjoy putting together a theme that suits you and your friends – be it just hanging out and watching movies or throwing an epic bash you’ll always remember. Get together and brainstorm ideas, lay out your night and get planning so you make the most of afterprom!