Why You Should Steal Your Prom Inspiration from Zendaya

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From Disney queen to style icon, Zendaya Coleman has gracefully transformed in the spotlight, avoiding the usual child star cliches. The multi-talented beauty has always spoken from her heart on important issues – such as race, feminism and general confidence.

She has become a woman to look up to, and the same goes for her style. For every red carpet appearance, she looks on-trend, elegant and unique no matter type of formal gown she dons.

For all of these reasons, and much more, we’re looking at why you should steal your prom inspiration from Zendaya. From her incredible beauty looks to original hair transformations, she always brings something fresh to the red carpet.


Zendaya’s Red Carpet Style


Her unique sense of style is always changing, but there is one constant. Her chosen outfit always beautifully flatters her shape and has a sense of timelessness. Zendaya knows how to bring some serious glam to any look too.

As seen in this photo, she knows how to rock a simple fitted dress with ease on the red carpet. This on-trend metallic gown is a great inspirational piece for your prom dress. It’s easy to get this look yourself as this is a big prom trend for 2018. Just look for designs with a fitted silhouette that flare gently at the end.

Her usual red carpet style choices make a big statement and are quite diverse. She switches between ultra girly floaty pink chiffon, to masculine tailored looks effortlessly.

When selecting red carpet gowns, Zendaya simply sets out to slay with her confidence! This means she’ll rock everything from florals to strappy bronze gowns. She often opts for bold color choices such as bright pink, royal blue and orange. When she wants to go for a more grown-up vibe, she’ll select black, burgundy or shimmering metallic tones.

Hair Inspiration!


Zendaya is famous for her hair transformations on the red carpet. She has rocked everything from braids to beach waves. We love the vintage Gatsby inspired hairstyle photographed here. This is so sophisticated and tidy, a perfect prom beauty look.

This includes a side-parting with a vintage wave at the front, all held in place with a light product. She completed the look with pearl earrings and a bronze smoky eye. The daring eye makeup choice adds a modern twist to her classic hairstyle, making it her own.

Zendaya also often chooses ballerina inspired chignon buns to wear with her red carpet gowns. This is another sleek and simple choice for prom night, that looks great with every dress.

Taking a closer look at her hair history, you’ll see she’s tried out almost every hairstyle you can imagine when making appearances – an afro, poker straight, curls, a bob, bangs, a messy bun – she makes each look her own, and her confidence sells it!

Zendaya’s Red Carpet Makeup


Zendaya’s makeup choices always reflect her outfits and the general mood of her style in that moment. She isn’t afraid to try out different color choices, but her skin is always radiant with a stunning glow.

She often selects bold lip colors such as browns and reds to make her lips pop. Alternatively, she’ll put the focus on her eyes with a dramatic smoky eye look using dark or bold on-trend shades.

Her brows are strong and always shaped, with a little highlight beneath to back up that dewy complexion! Layers of mascara and a some cat-eye eyeliner are a must for most red carpet appearances.

In general, her makeup looks are so wearable, especially for an event such as prom or a night out. They’re a little playful and dramatic, but in just the right way.

To steal her beauty style, make sure you exfoliate your skin to bring out that glow before applying. Opt for dewy foundation over matte, and add a golden highlighter on your cheeks/below brows. A beige and brown smoky eye and brown lipstick are flattering ways to complete your look!



Her Confidence!

Zendaya is such a positive role model, and regularly talks about confidence in all forms. She has explained that she does have her own body hang-ups and issues with body image. However, she hopes girls can see that it’s okay not to fit in with the crowd. This includes being expressive with your style and wearing what you want.

She told InStyle about how to dress confidently: “I think that a big part of that is showing that you can dress and wear your hair however you want. People will say whatever they have to say, but as long as you feel good and you feel confident and you’re taking those steps to feel comfortable with yourself, then you’re good!”

This is exactly why Zendaya makes the best prom role model. It goes beyond her amazing sense of personal style, to her ethos, and her ability to be strong in the face of her critics. Make the night your own and wear exactly what feels right to you! You can find stunning affordable prom dresses to steal her style while on a budget.