What to Do With Your Prom Dress After Prom

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Prom Dress After Prom

Your prom night may be all wrapped up. However, you still have a gorgeous prom dress that made you feel beautiful hanging in your closet. You’re probably wondering – what now?

You likely spent many painstaking hours choosing your prom dress for the big night. Now, it’s all over and you have so many good memories. Your prom dress doesn’t need to disappear into the back of your wardrobe.

Today, we’re looking at what you can do with your prom dress after the night itself is over. While prom dresses are famously made just for that special night, there are many ways you can use them again. You can give them a new purpose and enjoy their beauty all over. This makes affordable prom dresses an even bigger bargain.

Your prom dress made you feel gorgeous and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be enjoyed anew! First things first – you do need to do some after-care to make sure your dress continues to remain in top condition.

Prom Dress Damage Check

As soon as possible after your prom, you’ll need to check your dress over fully for damage. That could be stains, holes or repairs that need to be made. Check the seams and make sure the dress hasn’t ripped or become loose.

Pay special attention to the hem – these often get holes from being trampled on by high heels on prom night. Take note of anything that needs to be fixed, repaired or cleaned.

Take your dress to the dry cleaner to be professionally pressed. This will ensure it’ll remain clean and fresh, which is especially important if you plan to pack it away for a while. If your dress is stained, show any marks to your dry cleaner.

If you have any other damage, take your dress to a seamstress/tailor to fix. Once your dress is back in good condition, you can begin planning what’s next. You may need to find a safe, clean place to store your dress for the time being.

Store Your Prom Dress

Storing your prom dress correctly is so important. You’ll want to avoid it falling out of its shape or getting creases/wrinkles. You’ll also need to protect against any bugs or moths.

Store your dress, hanging up, away from the light. If possible, make sure it hangs straight and not touching the ground. Spray gently with a moth/bug repellent.

Cover your dress in a plastic dress bag or zip-through cover to keep dust off. Make sure you take it out every so often to air it out. Check it over to make sure it’s not getting damaged.

Re-Wear Your Prom Dress

You may have an opportunity to wear your prom dress again. You may be asked to attend another prom, or could wear your gown to another formal event in the future. That includes weddings, winter balls, dances and more.

Keep in mind the style of your dress. Think about if it would fit another dress code for an upcoming event or for future purposes. This will help you determine if you’ll get another chance to wear it in the years to come!

When re-wearing your dress, simply update the styling to give it a new look. Wear it with different color accessories, a new hairstyle and different makeup. Think creatively to give it a fresh makeover!

Re-Purpose Your Prom DressProm Dress After Prom

Depending on the style and silhouette of your dress, you may be able to re-purpose your prom dress. This means taking it to a seamstress/tailor to change one or more elements to give it a fresh look. The easiest option is to shorten the hemline to transform it into a cocktail piece.

Changing your prom dress into a shorter design is a great solution if you have a wedding or Homecoming that you’ll be attending. You’ll find many occasions that call for a formal yet shorter dress style. This means you’ll get more wear out of your dress if you chose this option.

You may also opt to re-purpose your dress into a two piece. This means you’ll be left with a top and skirt after it’s been altered. You could also have just one feature changed to make your dress different, and wear it again to another prom or formal dance.

Donate Your Prom Dress

If you know you won’t wear your dress again, or are feeling generous, you can choose to donate your dress. Many teens can’t afford a prom dress and donating yours gives them the chance to enjoy a special night of their own.

You can donate your prom dress to a specialized prom dress organization for teens. There are many of these who aim to take donations to pass on dresses to others who need them. This includes Becca’s Closet, who help find prom dresses for those without.

Make sure your dress is still in a good condition and can be worn again. Then, get in touch with an organization to learn how to donate. You can always simply drop your dress to a local charity store, too.

Keep Your Prom Dress

You may simply choose to keep your prom dress. Even if it doesn’t have a purpose right now, you may find one for it in the future. You might want to keep it for the memories it holds, or to pass it on to the next generation one day.

You may also later decide to lend your dress to a sister or friend. You never know when that last minute invitation might land in your inbox. It never hurts to be prepared and having a formal dress means you’re ready for anything!

Pack away your dress safely and hold on to it, for whenever you want to revisit your special night or wear it again. Keep it in the best condition you can – regularly take it to be professionally cleaned and pressed.

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