Finding The Perfect Plus Size Prom Dress For Your Body

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As prom dress shopping season draws near, it’s time to start thinking about how you envision your prom look. Plus size ladies who seek the perfect prom gown may have an even tougher time finding the right fit, but fear not – we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up our best tips and advice for plus size prom dress shopping into this article to make it easy-peasy to find the perfect fit.

Plus Size Prom Dress Tip #1: Don’t limit your search to brands that only carry plus size apparel.

Instead of only looking at plus-size apparel companies, consider which regular designers may also carry plus sizes. The designs are almost guaranteed to be more cutting edge and fashion-forward. One of our favorite things about the Jovani and JVN brands is that we celebrate women of all sizes. In that vein, every single one of our prom dresses comes in a size 00 to a size 24. Plus size wearers can rejoice in knowing that if they fall in love with our gowns, they can have them – no need to try to find a plus size store that makes something similar…you can get the real thing, right here.

Another great thing about finding your plus size prom dress at Jovani or JVN? You can pick out your favorite styles online or in the store, place a small $25 deposit per dress, and have your favorite styles shipped into your local Los Angeles or New York Jovani store to try on in person. This eliminates the guesswork involved with sometimes ordering plus size dresses. You don’t have to hold the dress in front of you and imagine what your size may fit like, you get to actually try the real thing on in person, in your exact size. And once you choose your dream dress, the deposits you paid will get credited toward the one you pick.


Plus Size Prom Dress Tip #2: Choose Your Best Assets to Flatter

Everyone, including curvy girls, have their best assets to show off in a prom dress. The key is to know yours, and then to celebrate them by choosing a dress that flatters you in the best way possible. Depending on your particular asset, we recommend you steer toward particular styles and silhouettes of dresses:

• For a Beautiful Bust: Choose a mermaid, v-neck or mini plunge gown. If your bust is particularly large, be sure to choose a dress that is not backless so you can still wear a comfortable, supportive bra underneath.

• For a Sexy Hourglass Shape: Dresses that are nipped in at the waist, as well as mermaid and trumpet dresses, are great picks to show off a great waist-to-hip ratio.

• For a Curvaceous Rear: Jersey dresses and mermaid dresses hug your curves in all the right places.

• To Cover a Large Bust: Wear a minimizing bra and choose a high-neck or bateau top dress that will further downplay the ladies.

• To Downplay a Larger Lower Half: Choose a beautiful ballgown dress with an embellished bodice that draws eyes upward and keep the attention on your gorgeous, smiling face.

• To Show Off Killer Legs: Choose a knee-length, tea-length or high-low hem prom dress that will show off your gorgeous gams, and pair them with a fabulous set of shoes to really shine.

• To Downplay Your Arms: You’re in luck – dresses with sleeves and capes that provide a veil for your arms are very much in vogue right now. Whether you choose a cap sleeve, long sleeve or a cape that drapes over your arms, you will be able to downplay them and redirect attention to another asset of your choosing.


Plus Size Prom Dress Tip #3: Choose Your Undergarments Wisely

This tip actually applies to all girls who are planning their prom attire, but is even more critical for curvy ladies. Ill-fitting bras can be uncomfortable and cause unsightly bulges and pinches that will affect the fit of your dress – not to mention your confidence. Once you choose your prom dress, be sure to take it with you to a specialty undergarment store that carries your sizes in bras and underwear.

You’ll want to make sure you pick out underwear with a stretchy waistband like a wide lace or sleek seam-free edges. This prevents the underwear from digging into your sides. For a bra, make sure the straps (if it has them) are wide and comfortable so you can dance all night long. Also be sure to get professionally fitted for your bra – you’d be surprised at how off one can be in knowing their own proper bra size. It may seem a bit embarrassing, but the women who work in the undergarments department are professionals and are there to help you find something youlook and feel great in.

For strapless bras, ensure that the band is wide and does not dig into your ribcage and back. If you are finding it tough to locate the perfect strapless bra, consider a longline corset style strapless bra where the base extends down the back and ribcage. This provides further support and ensures that the ladies will stay in place all night long – and it also eliminates any back bulge that tends to pop out under a typical strapless bra.

Plus Size Prom Dress Tip #4: Know Your Best Colors & How to Wear Them

As with our previous tip, this also applies to ladies of all sizes. Pick a color that you love, and one that you feel helps you shine. Darker colors do tend to visually minimize the body, so if you want to downplay hips and keep the eyes upward you may want to consider choosing a dress that has embellishment, sparkle or a lighter color on top with a simple ballgown skirt in a darker hue on the bottom.

Just because dark dresses in navy, maroon and black can minimize, does not mean that you have to limit yourself to dark hues. If you love color, embrace it – stand out in bold pinks, purple, gold and green. If you love pattern and the current floral trend, be sure to consider dresses that have florals on the bottom of the ballgown skirt – it’s in a place where it won’t overwhelm your entire figure, but it’s enough that it adds a trendy touch and a shot of pattern.

Did you find our tips helpful? Let us know what you think, or tweet at us ( with your own full figured prom dress tips!


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