5 Ways to Add Rose Gold to Your Prom Look

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Rose gold is undoubtedly one of the biggest color trends of the year. This on-trend color is a beautiful way to add a huge fashion trend to any prom look. This metal inspired shade adds a hint of blush to classic gold, giving it a feminine twist that always looks sleek and modern.

There are many ways you can add this color to your look for prom night. Today we’re guiding you through some of the most gorgeous ideas that use rose gold. First and foremost – here’s the most obvious option – to wear a rose gold dress!

#1 – The Rose Gold Prom Dress

This blush and nude prom ball gown displays this trend in amazing style. It’s covered in crystals and with a tulle skirt and open back. This flawless design is what prom dreams are made of.

Paired up with loose wavy hair and gold accessories, this rose gold dress is our favorite way to wear this color trend. It will also be the most noticeable option.

The best part is that this dress can be teamed up with one or all of our other ideas for wearing rose gold to prom. If you want your entire look to reference this trend, you can choose to add all of our ideas to create one comprehensive final look.





#2 – Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is most known for being a metal used in fine jewelry. That means you can choose rose gold jewels to add to your prom look! A pair of gorgeous blush earrings with rose gold metal is one stunning way to add this hue to your prom outfit.

If you want to wear a necklace in this shade, just make sure it suits the neckline of your chosen dress. If you have a high neckline, you could add in another big trend to your outfit. That’s a choker necklace in rose gold.

Chokers have made a huge comeback and we’ll be seeing them in many prom looks for 2017. Choose a choker with rose gold metal. Then, team it up with a matching dress in a similar shade, white, black or any other metallic tone (silver and grey will work too!).

You could also opt for a bracelet or ring set to subtly reference this look.




#3 – Rose Gold Makeup

The beauty gods have gifted us with this: a rose gold beauty look that will look absolutely stunning on anyone! This neutral-toned makeup look will also team up with almost any prom dress color you have. If you want to add rose gold to your look but have already picked out a different color dress, this option will work for you.

Based on blush hues, this makeup look uses glossy metallic rose eyeshadow. That is paired up with dark eyelashes (lots of mascara!), structured eyebrows and highlighted/contoured cheeks. Use a glossy pink tint highlighter on cheeks and below the brow to add more pink hues.

A matte pink lipstick will complete this utterly flawless and flattering makeup look. You also have the option to adapt this makeup look. Choose either a rose gold lipstick or eyeshadow if you want to just add a subtle nod to this color trend.

This will also team up beautifully with gold eye shadow or liner. There are so many ways to make this look your own. Simply select pink or gold color tones to keep it neutral and glossy.




#4 – Rose Gold Nails

Rose gold nails are the perfect alternative to the classic French manicure. They’re still easy to match up with any prom look you have going on. That’s because they’re still pink toned and quite natural looking.

However, there are so many different ways to experiment with this as a nail look. You’ll find many different nail polishes with this color option. If you want to make your nails extra on-trend, choose either a simple rose gold polish with a matte finish or opt for metal-inspired nails.

Metal look nails are a huge trend that look absolutely amazing, transforming your beauty look instantly. With the appearance of real metal, this is a really striking option. It will have people noticing your accessories and looking at your hands all night!

If you are wearing a minimal dress and are focusing on adding extra sparkle through your accessories and makeup, this is one great way to do this.



#5 – Rose Gold Heels/Clutch

Choosing a rose gold pair of heels or clutch is a simple but effective way to give this trend a nod. If you’re going for a red carpet inspired look, choose minimalist gold sandals. Then add an envelope clutch that is free of details and let the focus fall on their striking shade instead.

If you’re looking to add detail with your accessories, you’ll also find rose gold accessories. You’ll find options with plenty of texture and embellishment such as fringe and sequins. If you’re wearing rose gold heels, just match sure you choose a clutch in a similar shade or either black/white to keep coordination simple and sleek looking.


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