5 Biggest Beauty & Accessory Trends for Prom 2017

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It’s officially prom season. Already, we’re seeing some big emerging trends that have stepped off the runway and strutted their way into prom fashion. With the ability to be paired up with a fashion-forward prom dress, these are the biggest trends in beauty and accessories that we’re seeing.

They are the stylish finishing touches that are most influenced by the biggest fashion movements. They’re all so gorgeous and flattering that they team up well together too. If you’re looking to take your prom style in a red carpet direction, look no further.

These 5 hot trends that will coordinate with any dress you choose.

Top 5 Beauty & Accessory Trends for Prom

Barely There Heels

Barely there heels are everywhere. A celebrity favorite, these simple minimalist shoes are the perfect footwear solution for prom. They’re just so easy to wear with any dress you choose and you don’t need to put much thought into coordination.

The barely there heel come in neutral (or even transparent) shades such as beige, nude, gold and blush. With very thin straps, these shoes are a great formal option that will look equally as gorgeous with a long or short prom gown. You’ll be able to re-wear these again too.


2. Choker Necklaces

The ’90s are back in fashion. With the return of many of the era’s fashion staples, choker necklaces have made a big comeback. They are a huge part of this current trend.

Wearing one of these necklaces is a simple way to add a fashion-forward touch to your prom outfit. If your dress neckline isn’t high, you can consider adding a choker to your prom look. It will pair up best with a v-neck or sweetheart neckline.

There are many different choker styles. If your dress is already embellished, go for a simple black velvet choker. If you have a minimal gown, you’ll be able to wear a jewel-studded piece that adds some extra sparkle to your final look.

Want to go full-on ’90s? Wear a choker necklace with a strappy halter neck dress is a simple block color such as this burgundy look.



3. Matte Lips

When you’re putting together your beauty look, here’s one simple way to add a trend – use a matte finish lipstick. Surprisingly, just changing the finish of your lipstick references a huge beauty movement. Matte lips in all shades are currently trending in the beauty world.

Choose your shade based on a color that best suits your dress, or simply go neutral in blush, brown, peach or a rosy pink. Match up your lips with a matte eyeshadow to take this idea up another level. You’ll further reference this matte trend.

Avoid over-lining your lips with lipliner for prom night. This may be popular on instagram but in reality this can look bad and requires a lot of maintenance to keep looking photo-ready. Make sure to pack your lipstick in your clutch for further top-ups!




4. Sleek Hair & Glossy Skin

Go polished with sleek hair. This simple hairstyle looks so beautiful and you need only a few products and tools to create this look yourself. That means no need for a professional.

Wash your hair and apply a smoothing cream to your damp locks before drying. Then simply straighten with an straightening iron. Add some gloss-boosting hairspray to complete this look.

Try out a side parting to give this a glamorous touch. Make sure your ends look fresh but blunt. Tuck one side behind your ear for bonus beauty points.

As well as sleek hair, glossy skin and highlighted makeup are on-trend and gorgeous for prom. This very natural look is about looking dewy and fresh-faced. It should look as if you’re wearing no makeup and have spent the day in the sun.

Invest in a great multi-purpose liquid highlighting product and highlighting powder to best get this look. Apply highlighter across the top of your cheekbones and the tip of your nose. Then also to the inner corner of the eye, above the bow of your lip and on your temples to create a glossy skin look.

Make sure your foundation isn’t a matte product and don’t overly powder your complexion as this will remove the glossy look.




5. Velvet Accessories

Velvet adds a luxurious and plush feel to any outfit. Adding a velvet accessory is a great way to subtly reference the trendy silky fabric. A velvet clutch or a pair of velvet heels are your best bet.

Choose a velvet accessory that matches the rest of your color palette and this will instantly add texture. It’ll become a focal point of your prom look. You can also wear a velvet choker but our favorite is an elegant velvet covered box bag with gold hardware.

Selecting a bag like this is sophisticated and oh so subtle. It will still drawn so much attention and give your outfit an individualized feel.


More Prom Trends for 2017

Prom is an opportunity for you to express your personal style and stand out. It will be important to you if you love fashion and are interested in adding some trend-driven pieces to your look.

There are so many ways to make these big sartorial statements with your prom choices. It may be through the dress itself or with an accessory, hairstyle or makeup choice.

Another big trend not to miss for 2017 is rose gold. This beautiful blush metallic color is perfect for prom. There are so many ways to add this color trend to your outfit – check out our ways to add rose gold to your prom look.

There are also many hot makeup looks that celebrate the year’s top beauty trends. These will look right at home at prom. We’ve already counted down the best makeup looks that incorporate these huge trends. As an added bonus, they will look gorgeous with any dress too.

When it comes to the dress itself, we can’t help but notice how stylish and chic minimalist prom dresses are. This top trend is all about looking sleek in a very pared-back but still glamorous way. Don’t forget to check out the best of these refined prom gowns that will set your look apart this prom season.



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