3 Easy and Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles

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5326_2 If you’ve locked down your dress, it’s time to make your next big prom look decision – choosing your hairstyle. Along with your makeup, your hairstyle for prom can make or break your look. For those ladies planning prom who are following our guide, hopefully you’ve started by gathering some of your favorite prom hairstyle and makeup inspirations. The hairstyle you choose for prom should reflect a same feel as the overall look you are going for.

For instance, ladies who like a Hollywood Glam look should pick a dress, hairdo and makeup look that all echo the 40’s and 50’s screen sirens. If fairies are your jam, consider an ethereal tulle prom dress in a purple or green with braids pulled into a messy side bun. Whatever your look, be sure to feel super comfortable in it so you can own it on prom night. Read on for five gorgeous prom hairstyles to consider, along with tips on what type of gowns and makeup to pair with them.


Easy Prom Hairstyle #1: High chignon (bun)

Best for: Long Hair
Wear it with: Ballgown dresses, High neck dresses
Makeup Styles to Pair it With: Nude makeup with a blush lip and a liquid eyeliner cat eye, golden goddess style bronzed cheekbones with gold and brown toned eye shadow

Create a high chignon, or bun, for a classic look that will never go out of style. Here’s how:

Step 1: Start with clean, fully dried hair.

Step 2: If your hair could use a little boost at the roots, or tends to get oily and limp, add a few spritzes of dry shampoo to your roots around the crown of your head. You can also use a teasing brush to tease the crown of your hair slightly higher for a more voluminous look.

Step 3: Add a smoothing product meant for dried hair that will help control any frizz.

Step 4: Comb back hair with a smoothing bristle brush (unless you have curly hair, in which case you’ll want to use your fingers to pull back your hair) and gather into a ponytail in your hands.

Step 5: Use a strong elastic to tie your hair up into a high ponytail. We suggest finding an elastic that is the same color as your hair so it blends in seamlessly.

Step 6: Create the chignon bun by taking 1” – 2” chunks of hair from the ponytail and twisting them over in a circle, then pinning them in at the base of the ponytail. Use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair.

Step 7: Repeat this until all of the hair is pinned into a circle around the base of your ponytail.

Step 8: Tuck any loose ends in with additional bobby pins and add a fine mist of hairspray to hold the style in place. Be sure to brig extra bobby pins with you in your purse to prom to tuck back any stray hairs.
Easy Prom Hairstyle #2: Loose Waves jvn47924 

Best for: Any hair length!
Wear it with: Plunge dresses, low back dresses, and jersey dresses that fit the body, bohemian dresses
Makeup Styles to Pair it With: Soft, shimmery makeup that looks natural with long lashes and coral toned lipgloss

The best thing about loose waves is that they can be created for almost any length of hair. From a chin-length bob to hair that falls halfway down your back, it’s a perfect pick for girls who want to look natural, no-fuss and carefree.
Step 1: Start with clean, fully dried hair. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, make sure you wash and condition using the Deva Curl method to eliminate frizz, and add in product to stop flyaways.

Step 2: For girls with slightly wavy to naturally straight hair, add a very small spritz of hairspray or holding spray onto a 1-inch strand of hair.

Step 3: Twist the 1-inch strand of hair around your finger until it is still held straight but twisted like a rope.

Step 4: Wrap the twisted section around a 1” – 1.5” curling iron barrel and hold for 30 – 40 seconds. The shorter your hair, the smaller barrel curling iron you will need to use. Leave the very end (the last 1”) outside of the curling iron to keep it a bit straighter – this is key for a beach wave instead of an intense curl.

Step 5: Once the curl is done, let the strand hang out while you complete the rest of your head. Once your entire head of hair is curled, go back and shake out the curls a bit with your fingers and shape them. You can pull down on the curls and separate them as well to make it look more tousled and relaxed.

Step 6: When your loose, beauty waves are all in place, add a bit of hairspray to ensure it stays all night.
Easy Prom Hairstyle #3: Old Hollywood Glam Curls

jvn45253Best for: Medium to long hair, but can be made to work with shorter hair
Wear it with: Plunge dresses, low back dresses, curve-hugging strapless mermaid prom dresses
Makeup Styles to Pair it With: Flawless foundation, black top liner, lush false lashes and a red lip.

The old Hollywood glamour curls are the quintessential sexy yet classic hairstyle for prom. Channel Marilyn Monroe if you have shorter hair, or go for a long curl like Kim Basinger in LA Confidential.

Step 1: Begin with clean hair that has been blow dried with root boost to maximize volume.

Step 2: Create a distinct side part that is fairly deep. This will further enhance the volume and give you that classic ‘roll’ with the curl.

Step 3: Use a 1.5” wide barrel curling iron to curl 1.5” sections of hair throughout your head. You can pin up the top half of your hair (closer to the crown) first and curl the bottom.

Step 4: Once the bottom half of your head is curled, release the top portion of your hair and curl the remaining pieces around the crown.

Step 5: Finish with a sparkling barrette that pulls back the side of hair that the part is on, or simply add a mist of finishing hold hairspray to keep you look in tact until dawn.
Want More Hairstyles?

If you enjoyed reading about these easy DIY go-to prom hairstyles, make sure you check back for more elaborate styles we’ll be featuring soon. We’ll even have a top hair and makeup professional stop by our blog to give tips on how to make the most of your prom hairstyle, and how to make it all look easy and beautiful – stay tuned!

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