10 Reasons to Choose a JVN Prom Dress

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Reasons to Choose a JVN Prom Dress

The prom 2018 season is now just around the corner, and if you want to find the perfect dress, the sooner you start looking, the better. The earlier you start your search, the more choice you will have!

The most desirable dresses get sold out quickly, and if you leave it too late, you’ll be left with less options. To get ahead of the crowds, begin looking as soon as the new season of prom dresses hit stores, which is often in October/November the year before your prom.

When choosing the right designer, you’ll want to find one that offers you a broad range of styles, colors and trends. With that in mind, we’re here to share why you need to choose your dress from the JVN prom collection!

JVN by Jovani was created to be a youthful, affordable line for prom-goers. We understand what makes that important night special and that finding the best dress for you is a big part of that. Dress shopping should be a fun, exciting time and we’re all about making it memorable for you.

Why choose a JVN prom dress?

#1: It’s More Affordable

Going to prom can be a costly experience which can in turn, make it stressful for parents and prom-goers. JVN’s aim is to provide high quality designer dresses for an affordable price, meaning you can achieve the style you want without using up your entire prom night budget. That leaves you more room to buy the accessories you want and create the best prom night experience possible too.



#2: There’s so Much Choice!Reasons to Choose a JVN Prom Dress

The JVN prom collection provides an extensive range of dresses. This is because we want to offer you your dream dress, no matter what that may be. The collection has been created to be as diverse as possible, meaning a broad range of silhouettes, shapes and styles. Our inspiration ranges from the red carpet to the runway. This glamorous and high end look is easy to achieve with one of our beautiful dresses.

#3: Choose Your Favorite Color

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect dress – but not loving the color. That’s why we offer many of our dresses in a wide range of shades, so you’ll find various color options under that same style. This gives you the chance to pick the color that best suits you, and that you love! You can view our dresses by color on our site, simply click the ‘dresses by color’ option.

#4: Flatter Your Shape

Flattering your own body type is essential when picking a prom dress. It’s not all about looking fashion-forward and on-trend. It’s important to factor in how the dress looks on your shape too. Our silhouettes are varied for this reason – from mermaid dresses to traditional ball gown shapes, you can try on and see how each dress fits, meaning you’ll easily be able to determine the one that makes you look and feel absolutely beautiful.

#5: Flaunt Your Personal Style

No matter what your own taste is, we have a prom dress to suit your own individual style too. If you want to have a princess moment, there are many chiffon and voluminous designs to give you the royal look. If you want to go sexy and sleek, we have many celebrity inspired figure-hugging dresses too. The choice is all yours!

#6: You Can Find it Near You!

JVN designs are stocked in many states in the USA and also around the world. It’s easy to find a store that will be able to help you pick the right dress near you. Be sure to shop at verified stores that appear on our list to avoid counterfeit sellers.


Reasons to Choose a JVN Prom Dress


#7: Stay On Trend

We design JVN prom dresses to include the latest trends. We find our inspiration in the fashion world and transform it to create a glamorous prom look. For prom 2018, keep your eyes peeled for our lace-up dresses, blush gowns and ’90s inspired halter necklines, all taking their cue from the world of high fashion and celebrity style.

#8: Enjoy Designer Quality

When you buy a JVN prom dress, you can be assured that it’s crafted to a high, designer quality standard. Even though we make our dresses more affordable, we have not sacrificed quality! Our dresses are created with attention to detail, making sure each design has a beautiful fit and looks gorgeous for your prom night. Our intricate work often includes lace and bead-work, elevating our pieces to an unrivaled quality level at the same price point.

#9: Find Your Size

JVN does not size discriminate! We make dresses from size 00 – 24, which includes plus size. Every girl deserves to have a whole world of choice available to her, and this makes finding the right dress for you so much easier. Let your confidence shine through and choose the dress you want, not because you are limited by choice.

#10: Become a Star! 

We turn our fans into stars. We regularly feature our favorite prom and homecoming pictures across our social media accounts! To get our attention, simply use the #JVN hashtag with your prom photos for a chance to be featured on our pages!