The Ultimate Prom Preparation Guide

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The Ultimate Prom Preparation GuideProm preparation isn’t easy. There is so much to consider that it can become overwhelming. It’s no longer as simple as picking a dress and showing up to the event itself!

Proms have become more elaborate over the years and now require a lot more work, planning and attention. Many high school students now feel that prom is one of the biggest events of their lives. Many girls saying it’s second only to their wedding day.

Naturally everyone wants to make sure it goes off without a hitch. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the ultimate prom prep guide to make sure you get everything ticked off your checklist. Then you know you have everything covered.

It may seem like there’s a lot to do – but stay calm! Remember everything is ultimately about the enjoyment and celebration of your prom night.

Your Prom Dress

It goes without saying  that selecting a prom dress is still the biggest part you’ll need to prepare for. Most attendees start shopping for their dress months in advance. A great way to start off your prom dress shopping is by creating a Pinterest inspiration board.

Here you can gather your ideas together and start compiling a full look including dress, accessories, makeup and shoes. Once you start to understand what you want, you’ll find shopping so much easier.

Prom Dress Shopping

Once you’re ready, hit up your local boutiques, browse prom dresses online and start to narrow down your options. Get your friends together to help you out. Throw a prom dress preparation night and you can share opinions on the best dress options.

If you plan to order a prom dress online, take your measurements and make sure you order the right size and fit. If you have the opportunity to try on your chosen dress at a boutique then do so. You’ll get a greater feel for the dress and the right fit.

If in doubt, take a photo in the changing rooms of your different dress options. Then, you’ll be able to look back and take your time choosing when you get home.

Saying ‘Yes’ to the Dress

Once you’ve decided to say ‘yes’ to the dress, it’s time to finish off your prom look. You’ll want to plan the perfect manicure, shoes and accessories. You may also need to purchase new lingerie that works with your prom dress (a strapless bra or halterneck bra, etc).

Here is a quick checklist of what you’ll need:

  • A prom clutch or small shoulder bag (read what you need inside your bag)The Ultimate Prom Preparation Guide
  • Prom shoes (if in doubt, neutral tones or metallic finishes will match everything)
  • Jewelry (earrings are a safe option, only opt for a necklace if you’re going strapless or your dress isn’t embellished)

Your Prom Beauty Look

You’ll also need to pin down that prom beauty look. That means figuring out what kind of formal hairstyle, the perfect manicure and makeup to wear. These need to match with your prom dress and accessories.

Here are some helpful preparation guides to get you started:

You may want to enlist the help of a professional for some or all of your beauty preparation. Consider your budget and ask your friends if they want to pool together. You can then hire a hair or makeup artist for a few hours. It may cut costs and you can enjoy the prom preparation time together too.


Before Prom – Skin & Hair

As prom approaches, you’ll want to get your skin and hair looking its best. In the weeks leading up to the big night, invest in a hair mask. You can apply this weekly to boost your hair’s health.

Begin exfoliating your skin and moisturizing with an oil-based product. This will help create beautiful skin with a natural sheen.

Before Prom – Everything else

You’ve ticked off your dress, accessories and beauty look. Now, you’ll need to take a look at everything else to be prepared for your prom night. This includes:

  • Prom dinner/pre-party or events before attending prom
  • Limo service or prom transport – you’ll need to consider how you’ll get to and from prom, and any other events on the night. If you’re booking a limo or using any other transport service, try to book in advance as soon as possible.
  • Photographer hire – you may want to pool together with friends to have professional photos shot on location before attending prom, or at home with your family/prom date.
  • Hair/Makeup/Nails – don’t forget to book your professionals well in advance during prom season.

Prepare for pThe Ultimate Prom Preparation Guiderom night – see our full guide for prom night planning including after-party ideas and alternative prom suggestions:

Your Prom Date

If you’ve asked someone to prom, don’t forget to keep your date in the loop with all of your prom plans. They may want to know your dress color so they can coordinate their outfit with yours.

They migh want to bring you a matching corsage. If you’re not sure, suggest neutral tones or simple black & white for easy coordination.

Prom Day

You can breathe a sign of relief – relax and enjoy the fun that will follow. Don’t forget to charge up your phone and/or camera in advance. Turn your phone onto a battery saving mode when possible during the night.

Make sure you have plenty of memory space for all of your prom snaps. You don’t want to have to spend the night clearing out your phone to make space! Pack your prom clutch with makeup supplies and any other essentials you may need (stain remover pen, makeup wipes, a band-aid, miniture perfume vial, your prom tickets, etc).

Kick start the day with a healthy energy-boosting breakfast. Then, surround yourself with friends and try on that dress one last time. Spend the day getting into the prom spirit with a soothing hair and face mask before your start preparing your final prom beauty look.

Now that you’ve planned everything, you can get excited for what your prom night holds. That includes the magic that’s about to unfold!