Things to Know When You’re Shopping for a Homecoming Dress

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Shopping for a Homecoming Dress

Homecoming is a big milestone for many teenagers, and it’s a fun part of your school year. But what exactly is Homecoming? And what do you need to know before you go?

Shopping for the right kind of dress is an essential part of Homecoming preparation. We’ll guide you through what you need to know before you look for that all-important dress. That includes figuring out the right kind of design to suit your personal style, taste and your school’s event.

If you haven’t experienced a Homecoming event before, you might not know what to expect and what people wear. Get yourself clued up, and prepared to get excited for some fun-filled school activities too!


What is Homecoming? 

Homecoming is an event held by many schools and colleges across the US. It may be a week long event that welcomes back students, new freshmen, teachers and colleagues at the beginning of the school year. Many of the biggest events often take place during a weekend, such as a celebratory football game and dance.

It may also include a spirit week with themed days at school, such as students dressing up in a certain theme or taking part in other fun events.

You’ll most likely be shopping for a Homecoming dress for the dance. This is a semi-formal occasion and most teens opt for a short or midi length cocktail design. There is not usually a particular theme, which allows those attending to choose any dress style they desire.



Shopping for a Homecoming Dress

What Kind of Dress Can I Wear to Homecoming?

A short or mid length dress is often preferred, as you’ll be attending a dance and will want to be able to move around with ease. However, unless there is a dress code outlined, you are free to choose any style of dress you wish. One of the biggest trends for Homecoming dresses are two pieces. These include a cropped top and separate skirt.

You can also find many fit and flare short dresses. These have a flattering shape, and can be re-worn to other parties and special occasions. There are several big trends to watch out for if you’re shopping for a Homecoming dress in 2018, including:

  • Sequin and beaded dresses that sparkle
  • Velvet homecoming dresses
  • Sexy fitted designs
  • Metallic dresses – in gold, silver or rose gold
  • Gemstone colors – such as deep red, emerald and sapphire

Being aware of the trends can help you refine your style and decide on what suits you, particularly if you are interested in a fashion-forward look. You don’t have to follow trends, and can simply wear any dress that appeals to your personal taste too! Prints, off-the-shoulder cuts and frilled layers aren’t off the cards, and allow you to add an extra dimension to your homecoming style.


Shopping for a Homecoming Dress





When Should I Shop For a Homecoming Dress? 

As Homecoming typically takes place at the beginning of the academic year, an ideal time to start searching for the perfect dress is during the summer months. Many designers release new collections of short dresses during this time. Check their online sites and stores to keep up-to-date with new 2018 releases.

Research the type of dresses that interest you the most, and compile your favorites in a folder or on a Pinterest board. When you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to head to your nearest store or boutique and start shopping! Make sure you try on plenty of different styles, so you can figure out what best suits your body type.

Many stores will be able to order any dress you’ve seen on the brand’s website, if they don’t have it currently in stock. This is why its important to shop early, so you have the full collection available to you, and aren’t left disappointed when your dress gets sold out!


Shopping for a Homecoming Dress





What Are the Top Styles for Homecoming Dresses?

Homecoming dresses can vary in style, from very fitted, to flared and more relaxed. Some of the most popular styles for Homecoming include:

  • Fit & Flare Dresses
  • Fitted Short Dresses
  • Two Pieces
  • Sweetheart Neckline Designs
  • Spaghetti Strap Dresses

These are just some of the popular choices for the 2018 season, but there are many more options available to you. Its more important to flatter your own figure and personality than copy trends!

However, fit & flare dresses are often selected by teens because they tend to be complementing and are a fun shape, ideal for dancing. They’re comfortable and easy to move around in. They also offer you a range of necklines, colors and embellishments so you can personalize your look to suit you.

For 2018, simple spaghetti straps are on-trend, as are off-the-shoulder and plunging necklines. Cut-outs and open backs are also popular choices.



Shopping for a Homecoming Dress



What Are Some Trendy Homecoming Dress Ideas?

There are lots of ways you can include some of the biggest fashion trends in your Homecoming outfit. Its important to consider accessories and makeup, as they are just as important as your dress when creating a final look. Here are a few ideas for fashion-forward combinations to impress at your school dance:

A velvet fit and flare dress – teamed with silver heels and matching clutch. Add a red lipstick for extra drama!

A metallic gold or rose gold dress – paired with nude heels or sandals, and bronzed makeup. Go for a gorgeous sun-kissed look with a natural feel to complete your outfit.

A fitted blush dress – combined with a braided crown or fishtail braid in your hair, a glossy French manicure and tan heels.

A deep red colored mini-dress – worn with black velvet strappy heels and a matching clutch, or gold heels. Complete the look with a glam smoky eye and sleek straight hair.