Top 3 Makeup Looks for 2017 That Will Match Any Prom Dress

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Prom season is approaching! Whether or not you’ve found the perfect prom dress, you’ll also be looking for beauty inspiration. You want perfect makeup for the big night to complete your look.

While makeup trends come and go, some are more wearable and beautiful in real life than others. We’re taking a look at 3 of the best makeup looks that incorporate some of 2017’s biggest beauty movements. These are just right for prom and will match any dress you choose, so you don’t have to worry about careful coordination.

You may see lots of makeup on Instagram that looks great when photographed. However, it’s important to realize that prom makeup shouldn’t be too over-done. It’s best to avoid heavy foundations and overly complex looks that you’ll spend all night topping up.

There’s a big movement towards natural beauty for formal events. Think about just highlighting your features and adding a little sparkle and shine. We’ll still be adding a splash of color in on-trend shades, too.

The key for getting prom makeup just right is a little subtly. It’s about creating a polished visage that looks simply gorgeous in photos. You at your best, as simple as that.


How to Do Your Own Prom Makeup

If you plan to do your own prom makeup (if you’re great at makeup and love how you apply it, why hire a professional?), here are a few points to keep in mind before you start:

  • Double check your foundation – there’s nothing worse than mismatched foundation. Take photos outside in natural light with your foundation applied. Make sure it matches your face perfectly. If in doubt, head to a local beauty counter to ask for help choosing the right shade.
  • Prepare your skin! On the day, make sure you exfoliate, deeply cleanse, tone and moisturize. A primer and finishing spray are good investments that’ll keep your makeup in place for longer and increase hold. Purchase a face mask and use it the night before to give your skin an extra boost.
  • Make a list of all of the products you’ll need and have everything ready for prom day. You don’t want to run out!

Top 3 Prom Makeup Looks for 2017

Makeup Look #1: Peachy Natural

This deceptively natural-looking makeup still requires quite a bit of work. The key to getting this look right? Gorgeous faux lashes that really open up your eye.

Choose lashes that are widely spread and curl your own natural lashes before applying. Don’t forget to test applying faux lashes before prom, just in case you need some practice. This on-trend makeup look is everywhere right now.

Thanks to the beautiful neutrals, it’ll match with any dress you choose. Coordination should be effortless!

Key steps to steal this look:

  • Use a peachy eyeshadow (matte or glitter) on your lids and under your waterline below your eye.
  • Pencil in your brows to create a strong, structured brow look.
  • Add a slick of black liquid eyeliner to your top lash line and layers of black mascara on all of your lashes.
  • Line your lower waterline with white eyeliner.
  • Use a highlighter pen directly under your brows, in the inner corner of your eyes, center of your nose and across the top of your cheekbones – don’t forget to blend.
  • Sweep a bronzer under your cheekbones, close to your hairline and under your chin to create a contour shadow that creates depth.
  • Finish the look with a matte lipstick in a peach or blush color.



Makeup Look #2: Bronzed Beauty

This makeup look is similar to the peach-hued makeup look above. It’s with added amplified bronze colors and more highlights. This takes it up a notch and bring some added drama.

This ultra glam look is red carpet beauty at its best! Here’s how to create it yourself:

  • Use a deep bronze eyeshadow on the lids and under your eyes, blending to create smoky edges.
  • Line your lower waterline with a black eyeliner (kohl or liquid) and add layers of mascara on all of your lashes.
  • Using a high shine highlighter (gold or pink tint), dab some product under your brows and across the top of your cheekbones. Blend and blot, keeping the shine intact and fluid looking – avoid using matte powder on top of this, you want it to look shimmery all night.
  • Add a deep bronze contour to your cheeks.
  • Choose a glossy liquid lipstick in a bronze/dark orange shade to complete the look.

This makeup look teams up beautifully with sleek simple hair – try out a side-parting or high ponytail.


Makeup Look #3: Glam Grunge

Prefer something darker and more daring? This glamorous take on grunge makeup is perfect. It is still created with neutral tones that’ll pair up well with any prom dress you have in mind.

This makeup look has a focus on matte finishes. Look for eyeshadows, foundations and lipsticks that are matte.

  • Create a smoky eye – with a lighter peachy shade on your lid that fades to grey/black on your upper eye. Add a touch of the lighter tone under your eyes.
  • A strong line of black liquid eyeliner across your upper lash line will make your lashes look extra thick! Add a few layers of mascara to maximize this trick.
  • Use a cream white eyeshadow under your brows, and pencil in your brows to create structure.
  • Apply a deep lipstick in a dark brown/grey/plum and with a matte finish.
  • Use a chocolate tone contour shadow under your cheekbones and blend.
  • Finish off the makeup look with translucent powder.


Personalize Your Prom Makeup Look

You can also mix and match your favorite parts of these beauty looks. Wear a dark matte lip with bronze eye makeup, or peachy complexion with a dramatic smoky eye. These interchangeable beauty looks are all amazingly versatile.

Each one is also easy to top-up on prom night and are going to look gorgeous with that prom dress! Don’t forget to look at our previous makeup tutorial – your guide to gorgeous glowing prom makeup. This is another neutral and natural makeup look that would look absolutely flawless on prom night!

For even more beauty inspiration, take a look at our prom makeup pinterest board that’s filled with even more prom makeup trends.


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