Best Red Carpet Inspired Makeup Looks for Prom

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Best Red Carpet Inspired Makeup Looks for Prom


Going to prom is essentially preparing for your own red carpet moment. Many excited high schoolers spend months plotting their prom dress, makeup and hair. You want to look like the best version of yourself, in full glammed-up mode.

Naturally, taking some red carpet inspiration just makes sense. Celebrities deal with making these formal appearances daily. Their makeup artists know the drill – and have a stash of go-to makeup ideas that always work.

Today, we’re looking at 4 gorgeous makeup looks inspired by celebrity red carpet beauty. These frequently pop up on your favorite stars and they are both classic and flattering. These are the timeless go-to makeup looks that always grace the red carpet. They team up perfectly with one of our sexy prom dresses.

You will likely be already familiar with these ideas – but they shouldn’t be overlooked. You don’t need to ‘strobe’ your face or ‘bake’ on your foundation as some extreme makeup trends suggest. Go for one of these timeless ideas and you really can’t fail to look beautiful.

Get into Oscars mode and steal your prom beauty look from these 4 stunning beauty ideas. Combining with any of our affordable prom dresses you prefer, these are all quite neutral and will suit any skin tone. You can experiment with different colors and make these looks your own, too.

The key to great prom makeup is subtly. You want to look glamorous and formal, but don’t go for an entirely over-done makeup idea. Choose one feature to make a statement with – either eyes or lips.

This also cuts down on the time you’ll spend topping up and re-applying your makeup on the night. You should be living in the moment and not worrying about your makeup. These makeup ideas will ensure you won’t miss anything.

Top 4 Red Carpet Inspired Makeup Looks

#1: The Strong Cat-Eye

Got a steady hand? You’ll need one! The cat-eye is a classic makeup look that never fails to impress.
They key to getting this makeup look right is precision. You’ll need to make sure you apply your eyeliner as perfectly as possible with a smooth flow. That means using the smallest brush you can get your hands on.
Using a liquid eyeliner, apply to the top and lower eye (below waterline on the lower eye). Then simply add a 45 degree upward and outward flick. Makeup pros often advise using some tape for accuracy if you can’t get it right.
Now dial up the intensity. Brush black eyeshadow over the line to deepen the shade. Add a few layers of mascara to open your eyes up.
Finish off the look with contoured/highlighted cheeks. Then simply add a neutral toned lip gloss or matte lipstick. Keep the attention on your bold cat-eye.

#2: The Classic Red Lip

We’ve all aspired to channel Marilyn Monroe at least once in our lives. This beauty look does just that. It’s classic Hollywood glam at its best.

The red lip is a red carpet essential, and for good reason. There’s a red that suits every skin tone out there, and it always looks just gorgeous. It instantly creates a sophisticated and romantic mood that is unbeatable.

To get the perfect red lip, first find the right shade. Go to your local drugstore or beauty department and just test them all out on your skin. Then, track down a narrow lip brush.

Apply the red lipstick, paying most attention to getting clear edges. Then, blot with tissue and apply another layer for further intensity. It’ll also stay on longer this way, too.

Most importantly, keep the rest of your makeup pared-back. Add some mascara but keep eye makeup very simple and fresh. A touch of a light rosy blush is essential on your cheeks.

As your eyes are bare, instead add structure with your eyebrows. If you have fair brows, lightly pencil them in. Make sure they’re shaped to perfection and add some brow gel.

#3: Bare-Faced Beauty

Celebrities love to wear a fresh-faced glow with a dramatic ballgown on the red carpet. It combines very well to create a modern aesthetic and shows off their beauty to perfection. This look is about highlighting and contouring with subtly.

You want to appear as though wearing very minimal makeup. Choose a light brown toned eyeshadow, brown mascara and a neutral lip shade.

Make sure your foundation is dewy and not too matte – your skin must look fresh to pull this off. Structured brows are a must, and highlight below them to add depth.

Add highlighting product to the tip of your nose, beneath your cheekbones and above your cupid’s bow. A touch of gold highlighter in the inner corner of the eye works magic. Just make sure you blend all products really well.

#4: The Subdued Smokey Eye

A smokey eye can often appear too dark, bold and intense – especially when it’s for prom. This more subdued option gives it a lighter twist with the same effect. It leaves the lid of the eye almost bare.

You can fill in the bare/lighter section with a gold-flecked neutral shadow to get started. Then, it’s time to create the smokey wings that add the drama.

Create a simple cat-eye with liquid eyeliner and allow to dry. Using a black or dark grey shadow, apply along the outer crease of your eye. Then join this up with the cat-eye below.

The shadow should follow the cat-eye on the outer part of your eye. Once you’ve applied, use a wider brush to create the smokey look by blending outwardly. Then, simply add a few layers of mascara.

Complete this makeup look with bronzed cheeks and gold highlights. Keep your lips bare with a clear lipgloss or rosy lipstick. Use a translucent powder and finishing spray all over for extra hold.

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