Your Guide to Flawless Glowing Prom Makeup 2017

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Prom makeup should be naturally flattering, polished and glowing. Over-done makeup never looks good. We know some instagram stars/Youtubers often take it too far!

Even if you’re excited to create your prom beauty look, the aim should be to create something fresh and beautiful that isn’t too over-the-top. You can’t go wrong with flawless, glowing makeup. This simply highlights your most gorgeous features.

This way, you can look back on your prom photos for years to come. You can be proud of the way your makeup looks! Look no further than the red carpet for great prom makeup inspiration. Most celebs go for the glowing, flawless makeup look when attending big events.

We’re taking inspiration from some of 2017’s biggest beauty trends. We’re looking at how to create that gorgeous close-to-natural makeup look that still has plenty of sparkle. This will look beautiful for prom.

While you may opt to use a professional makeup artist for your prom night, you can still try this out at home with your dress as a test. Then you can get the look re-created by a professional. If you love doing your own makeup, you can easily create this for prom with no help at all.

The best part about this natural makeup look is that it will suit whatever prom dress you choose. A top trend for 2017 is neutral makeup tones, which is what we’ll focus on for prom makeup. Neutral tones team up with any dress you have in mind.

You then don’t have to worry about coordinating your makeup with your dress. It will all come together effortlessly. It also looks beautiful on any skin tone.

Read on to learn all about our prom makeup tutorial!


Your Essential Makeup Kit

You may need to invest in some new makeup products to create this natural, pretty look. Here are a few of the essentials you’ll need. Keep in mind you can always substitute other colors or shades, but the key is to keep it neutral and glowy:

  •  Foundation – make sure it’s a long lasting product that suits your skin tone and choose a less powdery formula with a dewy rather than matte finish. You can test a sample at your local beauty counter on your hand to see how the finish sets.
  • Nude Matte Lipstick in a flattering rose/blush/light pink hue. You want a product that just adds a fresh pink tint.
  • Matte bronze contour product for your cheeks, under your chin, etc.
  • Eyebrow gel and eyebrow pencil in a natural shade
  • Multi-use highlighter stick in either gold and/or light pink (blush) tone
  • Matte or metallic eyeshadow in taupe, chocolate brown, rose gold or blush – choose your favorite neutral shade
  • Brown liquid eyeliner/mascara
  • Setting powder

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

If you’re getting ready for prom, you’ll need to apply some products before starting your makeup look. This is to ensure your skin stays looking fresh. First exfoliate your skin, cleanse, tone and moisturize.

You can then apply a primer that will help keep your makeup in place and increases the longevity of the products.

Step 2: Foundation

Apply your foundation as usual. To keep the look dewy, you can use a beauty blender sponge. A top makeup artist trick is to wet a beauty blender.

Then, squeeze out the moisture before using it to apply foundation. The result is a dewy natural look that still provides great coverage.

Step 3: Eye Makeup

Apply a few layers of mascara and line the upper lash-line with a slick of brown liquid eyeliner. Create a subtle smokey eye with your chosen neutral toned eyeshadow. You’ll need a darker color for your upper lid and apply it below your waterline underneath your eye too.

Blend the eyeshadow to create that smoky look. Use a lighter shade of the same color on the lid of your eye. Then grab your highlighter stick, run it just underneath your brows. Dab it in the corner of your eye right next to your nose. Blend the product.

Step 4: Eyebrows

Now pencil in your eyebrows gently, creating a filled-in but natural look and shape. Use your eyebrow gel to sweep your brow hairs upwards in the areas closer to your nose. Sweep your brow hairs horizontally from the center of the brow towards your ears.

Step 5: Contour & Highlight

Grab a small brush and apply your bronze/contour product along your cheekbones. This should run from just above your earlobe at a 45 degree angle downwards, towards your lips. Blend outwardly, keeping the area just below the contour sharp to create contrast. This creates the illusion of a strong cheekbone.

Above this, apply a hint of gold or nude shimmering highlighter along the upper cheekbone. It should look reflective and glowy. This creates a light that gives a 3D effect.

Step 6: Lips

Apply your lipstick, blot and re-apply to build up the color. This will make the product stay longer. If you’re worried about the lipstick bleeding, you can also line your lips.

Choose a matching lipliner and apply beforehand with a narrow lip brush.

Step 7: Finish!

Apply a little dusting of finishing powder (not too much or it will destroy the natural dewy finish). You can also use a finishing spray that you can spritz all over your face to make the look last ever longer.


This golden and gorgeous makeup look is everything you need to shine for prom. Don’t forget to pack some of this beauty kit in your clutch on the night so you can continue to top up your makeup. Blotting sheets are a great way to keep makeup looking fresh without adding too much extra powder.

More Makeup Inspiration

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