Bridesmaid Hairstyles & Makeup – Inspiration & Tips

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Bridesmaid Hairstyles & Makeup

Are you planning a wedding, or perhaps you’re a bridesmaid-to-be? Once you have the perfect bridesmaid dress selected, there is another important factor to consider: how to complete your bridesmaid look with the right hairstyle and makeup. Keep in mind that whatever styles you choose, they should always complement your dress as well as the style of the wedding.

We’re taking a look at some beauty inspirations and tips for bridesmaids who are searching for the perfect styling. As you prepare to take on the big role of bridesmaid, keep in mind that your hair & makeup should be all about showing off your beauty in a flattering, natural and glamorous way – and you also have to consider how it will impact what you’ll be wearing during the day too. These top tips for putting together your own personalized bridesmaid look will help you select what’s right for the big day.

The Bridesmaid Dress

Pick your dress before anything else – you’ll then be able to choose the right accessories, hairstyle and makeup to pair with it. It’s only fair to begin by asking the bride if she has her own hair and makeup specifications for you to keep in mind – after all, it is her big day! Next, take a good look at the dress you’ll be wearing and consider how details like the color, style and length – as well as any accessories you’ll be wearing – will impact how your hair and makeup should look.




Best Hairstyles for Strapless & Statement Dresses

If your dress choice has a lot going on – think embellishments, beading and embroidery – keeping hair minimal and out of the way is the best option. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring – just simple and slightly understated. If you’re wearing a strapless dress or really want to show off the bodice of your bridesmaid dress, putting your hair in an elegant up-do keeps it tucked and in place. However, you can also experiment and make it interesting too.

Messy Bun

This wispy, slightly messy bun is the perfect balanced style – it’s elegant, effortless, looks gorgeous and doesn’t steal all of the attention away from what you’ll be wearing. Plus, if you’re wearing earrings on the day, they’ll be highlighted as well.

Twisted Knot

If you have shorter hair, you can create a twisted knot at the base of your neck which neatly tucks in your hair and creates a similar sophisticated style that is un-fussy and pretty. Both of these hairstyles keep hair out of the way while still looking styled and adding a polished touch. They’re also easy to achieve yourself with a little practice!

Braided Crown

A braided crown is another unique hair idea and is perfect if your dress is more minimal (a block color piece for example). It looks angelic when paired up with a dress in a light shade such as blush or champagne. Pinterest tutorials are a great way to find inspiration for the right braided looks. It’s also a great way to get the step-by-step tutorials necessary to practice and perfect the look at home.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles & Makeup


Loose / Down Hairstyles

If the wedding has a slightly casual vibe (on a beach, for example, or with a more relaxed dress code), loose hair can add a nice touch to your bridesmaid look – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to style it! There are plenty of ways to make loose or down hairstyles more attention-grabbing.

  • Beachy Waves

The ever-popular ‘just back from the beach’ look is always a favorite – and easy to achieve at home with a wave-creating product such as surf spray. Give this look a polished/dressed-up feel by sweeping it to the side and creating a defined part with a fine-tooth comb. Make sure the waves look even – you can use a round brush and hairdryer to give this hairstyle a red carpet finish. If you have long hair, don’t forget to consider that a loose hairstyle may cover up the back or shoulder detail of your chosen dress.

Casual Down Braids

Braided hair is another very feminine hair idea that can look really gorgeous on a bridesmaid. Fishtail braids are particularly popular and they have the added bonus of staying put over the course of the day too. Unlike pinning the braids up for a more formal look (as we described above), keeping them down and flowing is a great way to keep things pretty and casual.


Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas

Natural ‘no makeup’ makeup looks have become a huge beauty movement. This nearly bare-faced look is particularly perfect for a summer wedding. Achieving a natural makeup look is all about highlighting a glossy, dewy complexion and subtly adding makeup to enhance your features, while still having the appearance of being quite bare-faced and fresh. This doesn’t mean ditching makeup, it just means using products that are harmonious with your natural skin tone – they should conceal and highlight to create a flawless look. You can still add a subtle cat-eye flick with liquid eyeliner, or a touch of gold or rose to your eyelids to make them pop.

If you want to add drama to your look, there are plenty of ways a bold lip or smoky eye can work too. Just choose one or the other (a bold lip and a smoky eye can be too over the top) and make it the focal point of your beauty look. A classic red lipstick with minimal eyes will give your bridesmaid look a ’50s style. A dark smoky eye in bronze or black will add a sultry touch to your final outfit. This makeup style works particularly well with vintage-inspired dresses such as pleated skirt dresses or strapless mermaid gowns.

Matte lips are currently on trend: choose a brown or nude shade and add some sparkle to your eyes with a silver eyeliner or shadow. You can even select a lip shade to contrast or coordinate with your dress choice. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen under your makeup to protect your face if you’ll be out in the sun during the big day, and pack the essentials to touch-up your makeup look in your clutch or purse. A finishing spray and an initial base layer can help hold everything in place for longer.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles & Makeup

Finishing Your Bridesmaid’s Look

Don’t forget to match everything up: hair, makeup, dress and accessories. It all has to work together and look balanced too – so try it on before the wedding and see how the final result works together.

Want some more beauty inspiration? Check out our hair and makeup Pinterest boards for more inspiring photos that’ll help you prepare. Don’t forget to check out our other beauty tips for shorter hairstyles too.