5 of the Best 2017 Hair & Makeup Trends to Wear to Prom

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It’s officially prom season! If you have your big night coming up, look no further for some on trend beauty inspiration. We’re looking at the top 5 hair and makeup trends that can be incorporated into a prom look.

These are all about making your final outfit just a little more fashion-forward. You may have your prom dress ticked off already or are simply gathering some much-needed inspo. Here are a few gorgeous beauty ideas that will instantly transform your prom style.

Inspired by catwalk and red carpet trends, as well as your favorite stars, these stunning hair and makeup looks are flattering. They make a big statement when added to any outfit. They will also fit your dress code for prom and are formal enough for a special occasion or event too.

These makeup looks flatter an array of skin tones and can be worn by anyone. Let your personality shine through and don’t be afraid to adapt them to give them a personalized twist.

Best Hair & Makeup Trends for Prom 2017:

Trend #1: Blush Glow

Blush is a color trend that we can’t get enough of. It’s clogging up our instagram feeds and we just don’t mind. This beautiful makeup trend is all about taking a natural look.

To that natural look, you add some barely-there highlight and contour with pretty shades of pink and bronze. That could include contoured cheekbones using a sun-kissed bronzer, a glossy blush eye-shadow  or a pale pink lip gloss. Stack these hues together to create a makeup look that is both complementing and on-trend.

Effortless and natural, bring out your natural glow with this look. Pick hues that are just a few shades above your natural skin tone for best effect. You want to appear as though almost wearing no makeup and simply adding pop to your best features.

If you’re feeling daring, experiment with deep chocolaty tones such as a brown matte lip to add more drama.


Trend #2: Braids

Braids are beautiful. They look gorgeous if you’re just out for a jog. They’re stunning even if you’ve rolled out of bed in the morning with a messy slept-in braid.

However, this trend is about taking your hair game up a level. It’s intricate and a little detailed. It’s also very achievable thanks to a whole bunch of resources on the internet including plenty of Youtube tutorials.

The great part about braided hair is you can really customize this look to suit your own face shape and style. If you want to keep some strands loose, you can wear a braided crown or half-up style. If you prefer a polished look, you can sweep your hair back into one thick French or fishtail braid.

You can also strand multiple smaller braids together to create something detailed and completely unique. Get weaving and see what you can create! Don’t forget to pack some hair ties in your bag for prom night to be ready for any touch-ups.




Trend #3: Matte Eyes

It’s hard to ignore the trend for all things matte in the beauty world. Matte lips, skin and eyes are all big news that continue to look gorgeous. They are a little different to the usual makeup we’re used to (and a bit bored of).

Possibly instigated by Kardashian Jenner clan, this makeup look has taken off massively. It’s is now a red carpet beauty staple. You’ll also find these products readily available at any drug store.

We’re focusing on matte eyes, as they’re a subtle way to rock this trend for prom and look so glam. You can also experiment with a matte lipstick or foundation to try out this trend. Focus on deep but natural tones such as a mixture of browns, beige or taupe.

Create a smoky eye that’s blended at the edges. Add layers of mascara and run a highlighting product just below your brow for extra pop. Add a little slither of gold to your inner eye if you want to elevate this to a red carpet level.



Trend #4: Statement Nail Art

Nail art has evolved to become a whole sub-section of beauty artistry that is not to be over-looked. If you want to experiment with a unique nail look, prom is the perfect opportunity. There are so many different directions you can opt for and this includes adding printed faux nails.

You could also try out your own nail stickers or embellishments. You can mix and match, creating custom designs. This means wearing a few coordinating patterns or colors on your nails!

Make sure your nails are still comfortable and not too long. Don’t forget to consider the shape of your nails – you can pick from round tips, almond, square and much more. Call attention to your custom nails by adding some rings or a bracelet to your wrist!





Trend #5: The Sleek Ponytail

Polished and pretty, the sleek ponytail is a trending hairstyle that is so easy to do yourself. Start off by applying a heat treatment to your locks and straightening your hair. Comb through, add some de-frizz product and a gloss mist to give your hair a healthy shine.

Your hair needs to look tidy and uniform, as well as poker straight. For extra bonus points, flip your hair to the side. Create a fresh crisp parting at a side angle.

This adds a glamorous twist that is frequently spotted on the red carpet. Now simply tie your hair at the base of your neck to create a very simple minimalist ponytail. It’s as effortless as that!

Don’t forget to hold your hairstyle in place with a layer of hairspray. This will keep wind-swept strands at bay. Pack a mini hairspray and a small comb in your clutch for prom so you’re ready to quickly fix any strays on the night.

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