4 Unique Makeup Ideas for Homecoming 2017

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4 Unique Makeup Ideas for Homecoming

When an event rolls around, we all have that tendency to go for a safe, classic beauty look. We have our much-loved smoky eye combo, or that black liquid cat-eye that always works. However, sometimes it can be fun to mix things up and try a whole new makeup idea.

There’s nothing wrong with those timeless beauty looks – and they do always look gorgeous. However, it can be fun and transformative to opt for something a little different. A simple change of makeup can entirely alter your whole appearance!

Homecoming 2017 is just around the corner, and we suggest shaking off those beauty cobwebs. Homecoming is the perfect occasion for experimenting with a new makeup idea. After all, it’s semi-formal but still all about fun and celebration.

Pick your makeup idea after you have found that perfect Homecoming dress. Then you can better choose your beauty look to match your outfit. Today, we’re looking at 4 unique and different makeup ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Makeup junkies beware, you might have difficulty picking just one. We want to try all four! These ideas use different bright shades for the most part, so make sure to adapt the colors or match to your outfit.

From bright lips to glowing complexions, these contemporary and bold makeup looks will make you stand out. They’re still easy to do yourself at home, with the right products. Ready to get experimenting? Makeup brushes at the ready..



Makeup Ideas for Homecoming 2017

Idea #1: Fuchsia Lips

A bright, bold lip color never fails to make a big beauty statement. This amazing fuchsia tone in a gorgeous glossy finish is a must-try look. It works especially well when paired with a neutral colored dress (silver, beige, nude, black, white).

This look is really simple to try yourself at home, you only need to invest in the right lipstick and a lip brush. Apply this as precisely as possible. If you want to build color and improve how long it lasts, blot and re-apply.

Not forgetting – the rest of this makeup look. It’s important to keep everything else quite subtle, so the focus is on your bright lips. You can still line your eyes but opt for kohl pencil and add a few layers of mascara.

Add a hint of bronzer just to make your cheekbones pop. Apply foundation as usual, go for a natural and dewy finish if possible. Don’t forget your eyebrows as they’re just as important.

Pencil in your brows in a natural colored pencil and apply some brow gel to keep them structured. Bring along a few essentials in your bag including the lipstick for top-ups during the day.




Idea #2: Sun-Kissed Bronze

All that glitters is indeed gold for this shimmery bronze makeup idea. Look as though you’ve just jetted back from a refreshing, sun-drenched vacation! This is all about creating a fresh, subtle glow with that sun-kissed touch.

You can make this work for any skin tone. The key to getting the look right is tracking down a great bronzer product that is just a shade or two above your skin tone. One with a golden tint is a must – or buy a golden highlight product separately.

Apply bronzer as an eyeshadow – and blend well into a smokey look. This will add a deep, sunny twist to your complexion. Then use the same product on your cheeks.

Use a neutral/natural lipgloss and a brown mascara. Apply foundation as minimally as possible. Your skin should look fresh and all makeup should be very subtle.

If you have a gold highlighter or shimmer, add this above your cheekbones and brush a little across your forehead. Leave your eyebrows natural, simply brush through to shape.



Idea #3: Red Velvet Lips 

This update on a classic is not to be missed, and will suit most Homecoming dresses, too. We all know how gorgeous a good red lipstick can look, but this one mixes it with a natural, fresh twist. The focal point is a velvety matte red lipstick.

Choose any red that best suits your complexion, as bold as you dare. Opt for a matte finish with a silky, velvet look. Apply with a lip brush to make sure the corners and edges are extra smooth.

The rest of this look is all about natural looking skin and a very simple eye. Apply a few layers of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes – optionally add a small line on the top lash line. Now, focus on making your skin look gorgeous.

Exfoliate your face entirely before starting this makeup look, and try a BB cream instead of your regular foundation. If you have freckles, flaunt them. Use an illuminating product to bring out your skin’s sheen on your cheeks and key points of your face.

Complete this look with loose, beach wave hair. When your hair is wet, spritz through some wave product, scrunch and let your locks dry naturally. Fresh and natural, yet slightly dramatic.






Idea #4: Electric Blue

This makeup idea makes the biggest statement of all, and yet it’s so simple to achieve. A striking line of blue is what sets it apart as unique. This will beautifully team up with a metallic dress or opt for a matching blue, black or white.

To get this look, invest in a great electric blue liquid eyeliner. If you have a steady hand, try out creating the cat flick free-handed. If you can’t get the line straight, simply use some tape to help guide the line and make it smooth.

Only apply the blue eyeliner on the upper lash line. Then add black mascara to all your lashes – top and bottom. Complete this with structured, penciled eyebrows. Add a neutral pink lip product and opt for a powder finish foundation.

This electrifying makeup idea can be adapted for any other shade – try out a green, purple or even gold eyeliner. You can match your eye color to make this even more amazing, just keep the rest of your makeup colors understated.