The 4 Essential Beauty Treatments to Do Before Your Prom

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Beauty Treatments to Do Before Your Prom

Your prom will likely be one of your first ever formal events as you enter into womanhood. It’s a milestone moment and the months leading up to it are filled with excitement. There is so much to plan and prepare for!

That includes finding your dream prom dress and deciding on how to style it. You’ll also need to prepare yourself. That means making sure your skin, hair and nails are in the best shape possible.

With that in mind, we’re looking at 4 essential beauty treatments you should do before prom.

You might want to do these treatments a few times (once each week) before your prom to have a greater impact. However, if you’re short on time, you can just do these once on the day before. You can also squeeze them in on the day itself.

The great part is that you can DIY these treatments and can make them as budget-friendly as you want. You don’t need to splurge big bucks. You can find recipes all over the internet for make at-home treatments.

You can also choose a invest in a great product. Don’t forget to read reviews and make sure it’s worth the money before spending. Often you can simply make your own treatments with better ingredients for cheaper.

You don’t need to go over-board or spend a lot of time on these treatments. It’s simply about boosting your health and creating a natural gloss and glow. That means healthy hair, glowing skin and well polished nails.

These three essential areas are all you need to focus on to look gorgeous for your prom. Ready to shine? Read on to get the low down on the beauty treatments you shouldn’t skip when prepping for prom.



Essential Prom Beauty Treatments:


#1: Whole Body Exfoliation & Skin Prep

Ideally, this should already be a part of your skincare regime. Exfoliating makes such a huge difference to how your skin looks and feels. It’s recommend that you exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin cells and help speed up skin cell turnover.

There are a number of ways to exfoliate and that includes some treatments you can make with ingredients you’ll find at home. DIY treatments often include coffee beans, sea salt and sugar. You can also buy a simple whole body exfoliation scrub.

If you’re looking for a deeper exfoliation, invest in a loofah or mitt with a textured surface. You can use this on its own or team it up with a product for extra impact. Brushing with a body brush will also assist with exfoliating your skin. It aids your circulation too.

Whatever method you’re using, exfoliate in circular motions all over your body. After exfoliating, it’s the perfect time for hair removal. Then apply a moisturizing tinted body lotion to add an extra glow.


#2: Face Mask Treatment

As well as general skin prep, you’ll want your face to have a gorgeous natural glow. That means opting for an individual treatment for your face that will boost its health. If your skin looks naturally beautiful, you will be able to wear less makeup on the night. That glow will shine through!

A good option for a pre-prom facial treatment is a general face mask or light skin peel. You can create a health-boosting mask at home very simply. Alternatively, you can pick up an individual mask at your local drug store.

You could opt for a Korean sheet mask or experiment with a charcoal product. Try to choose a mask that suits your skin tone and will even out any skin problems you currently have. You’ll also find separate lip exfoliation treatments, and don’t forget to pluck/maintain your brows.

These few essentials will have you looking gorgeous and polished. Make sure to cleanse and remove your makeup before your face mask. Wash your face and apply a layer of moisturizer when you’re done.

#3: Hair Mask

A hair mask is another important essential. Getting your hair to shine and boosting its natural strength will change your whole beauty look. Find a mask that suits your hair type and plan to do these before you have your prom hair style done.

Combating any damage and restoring your shine should be your focus. If you love to straighten your hair or use hot treatments, you should use a mask to restore heat damaged locks. Try to find a product that best suits your hair type or biggest hair issue.

Following the treatment, wash and condition. Comb your hair through and get it ready for styling. Invest in a great shine-boosting spray with added protection.

Spritz on your hair before you start creating your final prom hair look. Don’t forget to pack a mini hairspray in your clutch for the big night. You may need it for touch-ups.

#4: A Manicure/Pedicure
A manicure and pedicure is another essential beauty treatment. You don’t have to go professional and can do these at home with a few simple tools. Make sure all your toes and fingernails look great!

That means filing them to a uniform shape, pushing back your cuticles and applying a nail oil to boost growth and shine. You’ll also need to choose a color that matches your prom dress or accessories.

If in doubt, go for a classic French manicure that looks natural. Alternatively, simply select an on-trend nail polish such as beige, taupe or nude. These neutral colors will match with any outfit you pick.

If you love your final nail look, a statement cocktail ring will draw attention to your artistry. Opt for a coordinating jewel or a metallic ring and turn it into a prom photo opportunity! This is a unique way to express yourself.

 Even if you aren’t wearing open-toe sandals, it’s still important to prep your toes for the big night! Stick with the same coordination and just follow what you’ve done on your fingernails if possible. On the lead-up to prom, don’t forget to exfoliate your feet with a scrub or brush and apply lotion to moisturize.
The same goes for your hands – a specific hand and nail lotion will add to your glow.