3 Statement Makeup Looks for Bridesmaids

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Makeup Looks for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid makeup is often quite simple and natural. However, it can look more unique and interesting to shun the trend for going au naturel. With that in mind, we’ve looking at the top 3 makeup looks for bridesmaids that make a bold beauty statement. They can team with long or short cocktail dresses for bridesmaids.

These unique makeup ideas don’t shy away from using color and get crafty with its application. From striking eye shades to sultry lips, these makeup ideas have a high dose of glam. They’ll bring a fashion-forward twist to any bridesmaid look you have planned.

The bride can then choose to juxtapose this by selecting natural makeup for herself. She could also adapt it to coordinate some of the colors used. Adding just a little drama, these top makeup ideas are still elegant and chic – and appropriate for a wedding!

They use some of the fashion world’s top makeup trends, putting them to work with a dash of sophistication. They add a pop of extra color to your bridal party and created a polished vision. They’re also thankfully flattering and match a variety of skin tones.

How to Coordinate Bridesmaid Dress, Hair and Nails

If you plan on choosing one of these makeup looks, you do have to consider coordination. Make sure your chosen dress matches with the shades used. They could also contrast in a unique way as long as the result in harmonious. Making sure the bridesmaid look all flows together is key to getting the whole look cohesive.

You also need to consider the hair style your bridesmaids will wear. If it’s intricate and detailed, choose a makeup look with just one statement feature (eyes or lips). If it’s polished such as a simple chignon bun, you can go more dramatic with the makeup look. Pick a color from the makeup look for the bridesmaids nails to help coordination.




Bridesmaid Makeup Look #1: Dark Plum

Take your bridesmaid makeup look in a vampy red carpet direction. This dark and rich beauty idea will team up with many dress colors. Pair with navy, nude or silver for a dramatic effect.

This makeup look has both a dark eye and lip. The simple black eye makeup can be teamed up with any striking lip color for a bold result. We particularly love this deep plum shade.

To get this makeup look:

Start with the eyes. Add layers of black mascara to upper and lower lashes. Then create a black smoky eye on your lids.

Add a touch of highlighter to your inner eye and below your brow. Pencil in eyebrows to create structure. Use faux eyelashes to make eyes pop even further.

To create the lipstick look – choose a deep matte color. Apply, blot and re-apply to increase longevity. A lip pencil in the same shade can be used to rim the lips to keep the edges sharp.

Keep foundation matte and apply just a hint of bronzer to your cheekbones to create some contour contrast. Top with a translucent powder to set the whole look.





Bridesmaid Makeup Look #2: Rust Contrast

Turning up the drama on a simple nude look, this rust-hued makeup uses shades of deep orange/brown. It adds a bolder contrast than a typical peachy/flesh toned makeup look. However, it’s still strikingly elegant and feminine.

Featuring nude lips, this places a focus on eyes and contoured cheeks. That gives you the freedom to still add a statement hair style such as boho braids or a half up-do. Pair this makeup with a blush dress, or opt for shades of green, burgundy or light baby blue.

To get this makeup look:

Choose a deep orange shade and create a smoky effect on your eye lids. Using a narrow brush, apply the same shadow under the waterline of your lower eye. Add a chocolaty brown mascara to your lashes.

Add a gold-hued highlighter below your brow and in the corner of your inner eye. Lightly pencil in your eyebrows and use an eyebrow gel to keep hairs in place. Add a deep bronze contrast to your cheeks.

Keep foundation matte/powdered. Apply a glossy transparent lip gloss to finish off the look.




Bridesmaid Makeup Look #3: Red Velvet Lips

Look like you’ve bitten into a red velvet cupcake with this delicious and sultry makeup look! Featuring a deep red lip with minimal eyes, this places a focus on your chosen lip shade. This darkly glamorous red color will add a unique twist to any bridesmaid look.

Pair this makeup look with a gunmetal-colored dress, or light yellow, gold or champagne. Add wavy loose hair to give it a relaxed spin, or go full-on with a braided fishtail hairdo. Add sparkling chandelier earrings to complete your glamorous vision.

To get this makeup look:

Keep eyes as bare as possible. Add black mascara to just your upper lashes. Use a matte nude eyeshadow or light grey. Add structure to your eyebrows – this is particularly important for a bare-eyed look.

Go for a glossy/dewy complexion. You want your skin to look fresh yet bare. Add a highlighter to your cheekbones and top off with a deep blush.

To get the lip look, use a deep red matte lipstick. Precisely apply with a thin/narrow lip brush. Keep edges refined and smooth.

Complete the whole makeup look by adding a liquid iridescent highlighter on key areas. This should include below your brows and the tip of your nose. Stay away from mattifying powders and use blotting sheets instead.

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