How to Find & Style a Summer Wedding Guest Dress

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How to Find & Style a Summer Wedding Guest Dress


Summer – it’s the unofficial season of the wedding. Most people choose to tie the knot with a glowing sun above their heads. With the weather heating up, you’ll likely have an invitation and be preparing to watch a close couple say ‘I do’.

As a wedding guest, you have much to consider. You want to make sure you fit the dress code. You’ll be plotting the perfect present. You may also need to book travel and accommodation.

Today, we’re looking at some tips and tricks for styling a summer wedding guest look. With soaring temperatures and a whole day of activities to get through, the right outfit is essential. You’ll also want to look your best and shine in any wedding photos you’re a part of.

Choosing the right outfit takes a bit of work, but is also a lot of fun! You get to glam up and be a part of someone’s special day. With our helpful guide, you’ll be comfortable and look gorgeous, too.


Choosing the Right Wedding Guest Dress

As a wedding guest, you’ll want to dress to fit in with the rest of the attendees and the location chosen for the wedding. Examine your invitation and research the chosen destination. Getting a feeling for the general mood and theme will help you choose the right look.

If the wedding is very formal, you may want to select a full-length evening gown. However, generally a cocktail dress will be the most appropriate option for attendees.


How to Dress for a Wedding Theme

  • For a beach, garden or outdoor wedding, choose a light, floaty mid-length dress. That could mean floaty chiffon or selecting a subdued pastel shade. Try to reflect the theme – for example opt for florals if it’s a garden wedding, or go tropical inspired for a beach wedding.
  • For a vintage inspired wedding, opt to go with the theme and select an outfit that reflects your favorite era. That could mean channeling a Gatsby vibe, or going ’50s retro. You can be playful and have fun with your choices if no exact style has been stated.
  • If the wedding has no apparent theme, you are free to express your own style. That means opting for an elegant cocktail dress that suits your body type too. You can also experiment with prints, embellishments and other celebratory finishes.How to Find & Style a Summer Wedding Guest Dress

How to ‘Say Yes’ to the Perfect Dress

When you have some idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to go shopping. That means narrowing down your options and trying on dresses to see how they fit. Don’t forget to consider color and cut, and try on as many dresses as you can.

  • Try on the dress. Take a photo in the changing room if you’re not 100 percent sure. You can look back at your photos later when considering your options.
  • When you have a few dresses you like, it’s time to try them on again. Consider which dress best suits your body type and the wedding itself. See how the color impacts your skin tone.
  • Look online for further choices. Some stores will only offer you a style in one or two color options. You may find a different variation online that suits you better.
  • Choose a dress! Pick the dress that stands out to you the most. The one that makes you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful.


How to Style Your Wedding Guest Look


Once you’ve chosen your dress, it’s time to finish off your outfit. That means styling the final look with the right accessories, and choosing makeup and hairstyles. This all needs to flow together well to create a gorgeous, well-styled look.


The style of jewelry you choose with depend on your dress. If it’s heavily embellished or already has sparkling elements, you’ll want to go low key. If your dress is more minimal, you’re free to add further jewels to add sparkle and make the outfit more formal.

If in doubt, choose a pair of chandelier earrings and no other jewelry. This is an elegant finishing touch and will always look pretty with any dress style.

If you do want to add a necklace, don’t forget to look at how it works with the neckline. If your dress is strapless, it will pair up easily with most necklaces. If it’s plunging, opt for a pendant. You can also add a choker necklace to some dress styles as this is worn high on your neck.

You can also opt for a bracelet or a cocktail ring to add extra sparkle to your outfit. Don’t forget to reflect the style of your dress with your choices. You need to make sure every element works harmoniously.

That means a vintage-inspired dress should be paired with vintage looking jewels. A modern, minimalist dress pairs up best with architectural accents.

How to Find & Style a Summer Wedding Guest DressShoes

When choosing the right shoes, you’ll want to consider comfort as well as style. You’ll be wearing your shoes all day, so make sure they fit well. If you aren’t comfortable in heels, opt for a midi heel or sandal.

Choose a color to match your dress and jewelry. That means a gold necklace should match with shoes that have gold hardware. If in doubt, opt for neutral colors. For example – black, white, gold, silver, grey, nude and beige.

If your dress is detailed, choose simple shoes that aren’t a focal point of your outfit. If your dress is sleek and simple, you can opt for frill, fringe or embellished detailing on your shoes.

A pro-tip for wedding guest attendees is to always pack neutral foldable flat shoes in your bag. If your heels are hurting you, you can swiftly change and continue to enjoy the wedding. For the summer months, you can simply wear flat sandals.

Makeup & Hair

When attending a wedding, your hair and makeup needs to look polished and styled. You may choose to create your own beauty look or opt for a professional. However, consider natural, flattering makeup that simply gives you a glow and highlights your features. See our top classic formal hairstyles for more inspiration.
Hair should flatter your own face shape and any dress details. If your dress is backless, you should wear your hair up to highlight this feature. If it’s strapless, you can wear your hair down. A half up-do is the perfect in between hairstyle that looks formal yet allows your hair to flow free.  Check out our wedding hairstyle guide for some ideas.