How to Throw an Unforgettable Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

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In charge of organizing a bridal shower or bachelorette party for the bride-to-be? This duty often falls on the bridesmaids and especially the maid of honor. Don’t panic – planning a bridal shower or bachelorette party doesn’t have to be an overwhelming ordeal!

First, remember that you can – and should! – seek some help from the other bridesmaids or close friends or family involved. To keep things simple and costs down, many women are opting for quite low key bridal showers or bachelorettes. They’ll include just an intimate group of their closest friends.

This way, the celebration is all about sharing a bonding experience with everyone involved.

With our tips and tricks below, you can enjoy the process of putting together a very special and memorable party. One that the bride and the attendees won’t soon forget. To get you started, we’ll look at some key things to consider when making your plans.

That should include fun activities, themes and dress-code for any bridal event you’re throwing to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Start Planning

First things first – start an e-mail chain or Whatsapp group with your circle of girlfriends, including any bridesmaids and close pals. You don’t want to leave anyone out. Get brainstorming and ask everyone to submit any ideas they think the bride will love for her shower or bachelorette.

Don’t forget to also separately ask the bride. She may have some important input on the style of party or celebration she wants. Listening to her wishes is important!

You can decide to plan a whole weekend away somewhere – rent a mountain cabin, a beach house or simply throw a themed party somewhere local. You can also create an elegant dinner with eveningwear as the dress-code and keep the mood very sophisticated.

When you have some idea of the theme, plan out a shower or bachelorette party budget. Everyone attending may need to contribute towards the cost or the bride may choose the cover the expenses involved.

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Floral Garden Party Bridal Shower 

This one is easy to set up and can be beautiful. You can organize this if you or a friend has a big backyard you can use. Alternatively, you can find a hotel who will let you rent out their garden for a few hours.

Place tables and chairs on the lawn. Decorate the table with bunches of fresh flowers, lanterns and petal-infused lemonade. You can even set up a mimosa bar.

Keep food fresh and green. A mixture of salads, tapas, charcuterie and champagne, as well as light desserts and sorbet. You can give the bridal shower guests floral crowns to wear. Inform them of the theme so they dress appropriately.

 Throwback Bridal Shower 

If many of those in attendance know the bride since her younger years, a fun idea is to create a throwback party. Rent out a venue and decorate it with old photos, cheesy music posters and music from your high school years.

Add as many personal touches to create a sentimental feel – the bride’s yearbook or prom photos can be put on display!  Make it lighthearted, fun and make sure even those who don’t know the bride so well can join in on the shower fun as well.

Cocktails & Dinner 

A bridal shower can be simple and intimate with just a close circle of friends. Select a venue and throw a cocktail party that concludes with dinner. Ask the bride about her favorite restaurant or food if you don’t already know.

Make it special by sharing memories about the bride. Add a few custom touches with a personalized cake, decorations or small gifts on the table. You can also organize some bridal games.

Keep the dress code smart and ask those attending to wear cocktail dresses.

Parisian Tea Party 

A tea party like no other! This party theme will stand out as a true original. Set up your venue with trays of delicious French cakes including stacks of colorful macarons, mini chocolate croissants, tarte au citron and more.

Serve a selection of herbal teas, champagne, lemonade and cocktails. Set up your venue to resemble a typical Parisian café. A blackboard menu and a few antique-inspired props (a vintage bike or any other French-themed pieces you can find) will really set the tone. Ask your attendees to wear party dresses.

Organize Any Events

When you have a theme or location decided on with your group, you simply need to research a venue that is suitable. This could include organizing fun activities (some bachelorette parties include fun classes or entertainment). It may simply mean arranging for a venue to be set up according to theme.

You could also be tasked with finding cute decorative items and props to make it really memorable. Create a bridal shower or bachelorette party checklist and make sure you have everything covered. It should include decoration, food, music, entertainment, invitations, etc.

What to Wear

Choosing what to wear and selecting the dress code for the party depends on the theme or event you’ve decided.

A good rule of thumb is to keep it semi-formal with sophisticated party dresses, cocktail dresses and other eveningwear. That’s unless you have some activities planned that require a lot of movement or involve a specific type of dress.

If you’re throwing an outdoor event in spring or summer, wearing florals or lace is a simple style shortcut that always looks stylish. You may even want to specify a color for guests to wear. Include all of the details on your bridal shower or bachelorette invitation.

After the Party

Don’t forget – the bridal shower or bachelorette party isn’t even the focus! The wedding comes next. You’ll be once again working with your close friends and the bride to find the perfect bridesmaid dress.

One of the biggest current trends for bridesmaids is light warm tones in blush, gold or champagne. Take a look at some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses 2020. This includes some gorgeous long bridesmaid dresses and vintage-inspired designs.

Once you’ve found your dream bridesmaid dress, you’ll also need to team it up with the right hair and makeup. Take a look at our inspiring bridesmaid pinterest board for more ideas. Start putting your own together with the help of the bride.

Most importantly, enjoy each bridal event and the wedding itself.  The planning and time you put in will all be worth it. You’ll create life-long memories with your closest friends.