Styling Tips & Tricks for Bridesmaids

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Styling Tips & Tricks for Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is a lot of fun! If you’ve been chosen to fill this special role, you’re about to have an unforgettable experience. Preparing for the big day with the bride-to-be means being by her side through any stress.

You’ll be helping her plan and of course, dress shopping and fittings. The bride will often help her bridesmaids pick the perfect dress. When you’ve found ‘the one’, you’ll also want to consider how to style the final look.

That means thinking about hair styles, makeup, accessories and flowers. It may be that the bride in question has given you the freedom to choose your own finishing touches. You might be simply searching for some inspiration.

Here are some of our top tips and tricks for bridesmaid styling that will help you get started!

Choosing a Bridemaid Dress

The best starting point is getting that dress locked down before considering anything else. There are so many different bridesmaid gowns out there. Arranging a visit to a local boutique or checking online stores are both good places to start narrowing down the options.

Ask the bride what kind of dress she thinks will best suit the wedding she’s planning. You can help find the best dress choice for all of the bridesmaids. That could might mean different styles for each bridesmaid that have varying bodices or necklines (depending on body type and what looks best).

The bride may even want each bridesmaid in a different shade or style that coordinate together with similar features. Once you’ve found the right dress, it’s time to figure out how to put the whole look together.

Bridesmaid Shoes

The kind of shoe you choose will depend on a number of factors. Is your bridesmaid dress short? Will the shoes be on display? What color is your dress? The best option is to go neutral.

Choosing shoes in single block shades such as white, ivory, nude, blush, grey or metallic means you’ll have an easier time coordinating everything.

The style of shoe will depend on how comfortable you are wearing heels. If you aren’t confident in towering stilettos but still want to wear a heel, opt for a block mid heel. These will offer more support and be more comfortable to wear throughout the wedding day.

You can always opt for flats, such as ballerina inspired designs or minimal sandals.

You’ll want to make sure the style of shoe matches the dress. Minimalist shoes such as this pair are a popular option that will team up with almost any dress style. If your dress is already minimal and you want to add some texture, you could also opt for floral or lace embellished shoes.

Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup

Choosing a gorgeous hairstyle that matches your dress is important. Consider the neckline of your gown and if loose hair will distract or conceal some of the features. If you’re going strapless, a loose wavy style is a simple but beautiful choice. You can also add in on-trend braided crowns or flowers to the look.

Up-dos and half-up styles always look beautiful on bridesmaids. That’s including a minimal chignon bun that will team up with any dress. You can choose to create a unique look that features braided detailing, clips or hairbands.

Don’t forget about haircare on the big day. A more elaborate hairstyle might require touch-ups throughout the day, and watch out for changes in the weather too! Pack a mini hairspray and extra clips in your clutch to be prepared.

Makeup will also depend on the style of wedding. If it’s a glamorous event and the dress is quite red carpet inspired, a classic smoky eye or bold lip could make for striking additions to your look. However, most bridesmaids often choose natural looks.

For 2017, this means using on-trend peach and nude tones to create a delicate and barely-there makeup look.

Bridesmaid Jewelry & Clutches

Bridesmaid jewelry should add some extra sparkle to your look. A pair of earrings is an effortless way to add just the right amount to your outfit. A sparkling gem design in rose gold, silver or gold will look sophisticated.

Make sure the colors match your other choices and any other metal hardware you’ve added to your look. You could also go for classic pearls. If you have an evening dress with a strapless neckline, you may also want to add a necklace or a statement cocktail ring to your look.

You may have a bouquet of flowers to hold on to for the wedding ceremony and photographs. However, having a clutch with your essentials with you is a great idea too. You can always hand it off to a friend for safe keeping.

Try to find a small box clutch or envelope design. You can pack what you might need during the day such as makeup, hair accessories, a small mirror and anything else. Match your clutch with your shoes if possible.

You can always select a statement bag design made from a unique texture such as lace overlay or metal. As this won’t be featured in photos, it’s not important to team it up with the rest of the bridesmaid looks. You can choose something you love personally, which means making your own look more individual for the reception too.


Quick Styling Tips & Tricks for Bridemaids

  • Put a few safety pins in your clutch for any last minute dress adjustments or accidents.
  • Pack some mini beauty essentials including makeup wipes and clear nail polish  – these multi-taskers just might come in handy.
  • Don’t forget to buy the right kind of lingerie for your dress! Flesh tone strapless bras and shapewear will completely transform how your dress looks, and you’ll need to right bra to coordinate with the dress neckline.
  • Don’t forget your nails! Make sure you have neutral toned nails if the bride hasn’t specified, such as a French manicure – on both your fingers and toes.
  • Apply sunscreen before having your makeup done – you may be outside and exposed to the sun for long periods as photos are being taken.